Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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ABD EL-RAOUF, Amal, Dr.25098  
ABDELSAYED, Wafeek, Dr.25690  
ABDULLAH, Amer26770  
ABE, Jo Ann, Dr.26861  
ABRAMS, Michele, Dr.25967  
ABUGRI, Benjamin A., Dr.25171  
ACETO, Antonio, Mr.26003  
ACHHPAL, Beena, Dr.26706  
ADAMS, Claire S., Ms.25587  
ADAMS, Gregory A., Dr.25675  
ADELE, Goldie, Mr.26828  
Administrative Assistant28865 
AGABA, Comfort, MPH26950  
AGENTIS, Tina, Ms.27073  
AHN, Ho Young, Dr.25380  
AKPINAR FERRAND, Ezgi, Dr.25832  
ALBERTAL, Susan26770  
ALBONETTI, Viara, Dr.2-6625  
ALEXANDER, Jaime, Mrs.28048  
ALGER, Walter, Mr.26073  
ALICEA, Edna M., Ms.25891  
ALLAN, Sean26726  
ALLEN, Elaine E., Ms.25475  
ALLES-GONZALEZ, Maria Celina, Mrs.25633
ALONSO, Viviana, Dr.26773  
ALVAREZ, Evalisa25311  
AMADEO, Lisa M.25157  
AMENDOLA, Debra25691  
AMENDOLA, Debra, Ms.25435  
AMENTA, Rosalyn M., Dr.25864  
AMERMAN, Stephen K., Dr.25603  
AMIN, Aliya26821  
AMORE, Dominic25800  
ANAKO, Chi2-5508  
ANDERSON, Blake25173  
ANDERSON, Christine25835  
ANDERSON, Eric26468  
ANDERSON, Shirley D., Ms.25742
ANDERSON, Steven25747  
ANDOH, Samuel Kojo, Dr.25616  
ANDOH, Samuel Kojo, Dr.25616  
ANDRUSHKO, Valerie, Dr.25687  
ANTHIS, Kristine, Dr.25110  
ANTHONY, Eve, MHA26950  
ANTONIOS, Imad, Dr.25191  
APATOW, Amy, MPH26950  
APPLEWHITE, Harriet B., Dr.25659  
ARAFEH, Sousan, Dr.26443  
ARBOLEDA, Carlos A., Dr.26754  
ARBORIO, Karen, Mrs.26806  
AROMOLARAN, Simisola, Mrs. 25587  
ARONSON, Barbara, Dr.26496  
ASMUS, Pamela, Dr.26726  
ATKINS, Lisa, Ms.29933
ATLEE, Carl, Dr.26760  
AUDIE, Nicole, Mrs.25587  
AUTIERI, Sarah26375  
AXTELL, Robert S., Dr.26037  
AXTELL, Robert S., Dr.26037  
AXTELL, Robert S., Dr.26037