Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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PABON, Chelsea, Ms.27240  
PADDOCK, Troy, Dr.25639  
PADMORE, Celia, Ms.26817  
PADUA, Carmen, Mrs.26414  
PAGAN, Edward R.26064  
PAGE, Robert A., Dr.26139  
PALACIOS, Rafael26770  
PALMA, Giuseppina, Dr.26753  
PALMER, Alexandria, Mrs.25587  
PALMER, Royce25892 
PALUMBO, III, Joseph25893  
PANG, Jiongdong, Dr.26272  
PANICHAS, Pat, Ms.26082  
PANTANI, Abbey J.25375  
PAPAZIAN, Mary A., Dr.25250  
PAPPY, John25821  
PAPPY, John26285  
PARIS, Beth M., Ms.27038  
PARK, Mina, Dr.26659  
PARK, Young, Dr.25681  
PARRISH, Timothy L., Mr.26745  
PARROTT, Mark26347
PARZYCK, Andrew E., Mr.26172
PATTERSON, Cynthia25349  
PATTISON, Stuart T., Mr.25435  
PATTON, Jacqueline D., Ms.25572  
PAUL, Nicole, Ms.26572  
PAUL, Nicole, Ms.26572  
PAULSON, Arthur C., Dr.25657  
PAULSON, Arthur C., Dr. 25657  
PAVEZA, Gregory , Dr.25234  
PAVEZA, Gregory, Dr.27015  
PEARMAN, Belinda26025  
PELAYO, Ruben, Dr.26752  
PELLETIER, Craig25375
PELLETIER, Jean Y.26079  
PELLETIER, Jill26444  
PENNER, Irene, Ms.26480  
PEPPER, W. Thomas26726  
PEREIRA, Kenneth25427  
PEREZ, Reinaldo, Mr.26071  
PERILLO, Albert26066  
PERRONE, James, Dr. 26892  
PERRY, Darnelle L., Ms.25063  
PERRY, Lucille C., Mrs.25218  
PERSSICO, Bruce, Mr.25893 
PERUGINI, Christopher26345  
PERUGINI, Saverio, Dr. (Sam)25587  
PERUMBILLY, Sebastian, Dr.26410  
PERUTA, David A. 25587  
PESSINA, Philip J.25375  
PETERS, III, Theodore26067  
PETERS, Klaus, Dr.25813  
PETERSON, David, Mr.25925  
PETERSON, Thomas, Mr.25389  
PETRIE, Paul R., Dr.26757  
PETROSKI, David, Dr.25377  
PETTIE, Jan27068  
PETTIGREW, David E., Dr.26778  
PETTIT, Carrie, Mrs.26515  
PETTO, Christine M., Dr.25612  
PHILLIPS, Janet F., Dr.25698  
PHILLIPS, Stacy, Mr.2-6625  
PHILSON, Paulette G., Ms.26051  
PICCIRILLO, Amy27258  
PIEMONTESE, Luisa, Dr.26751  
PIKUL, Jan Edward, Mr.  
PINCIU, Valeriu, Dr.26521  
PISCITELLI, Christopher, M.26188  
PISCITELLI, Christopher, M.26188  
PITTS, Vincent25600  
PIZZANELLO, Heather, Ms.26575  
PLOURDE, Raymond25892 
PODNAR, Hrvoje, Dr.25815  
Police Dispatch25375 
POOLE, Francesca, Ms.25059  
POTREPKA, Debra, Mrs.27145  
PRENATA, Chelsea, Ms.26906  
PRESTON, Jonathan, Dr.26525  
PRINCE, Geraldine F.26536  
PRINCE, Melvin, Dr.27024  
PROBER, Sharon J., Ms.25389  
PROUT, Kristen M, Ms.26836  
PULLEN, Kim25375  
PURDY, Mary, Dr.25959  
PUTTERMAN, David A.26950