Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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VADEN-GOAD, Robert, Dr.25578  
VAKOS, Paul25893 
VALENTIN, Norma I., Ms.25227  
VALENTINO, Allison26907  
VAN DEUSEN, Lynn, Ms.26218  
VAN GILDER, Joseph J., Mr.26024  
VAN GILDER, Joseph, Mr.26023  
VANCE, David R., Mr.25147  
VANCOUR, Michele L., Dr.25530  
VASQUEZ, Maria M.26371  
VATERS-CARR, Rachael26647
VAZQUEZ, Merryalis25893  
VEGA DE JESUS, Ramon, Dr.27193  
VEGA, Lydia E., Mrs.26494  
VELOZA, David P.25375  
VENIT, Kenn25800  
VENTURA, Anthony, Mr.25892 
VERNER, Mary H., Ms.26586  
VERPLAETSE, Lorrie, Dr.26759  
VERPLAETSE, Lorrie, Dr.26759  
VIGGIANI, Frances A., Dr.26638  
VILLANI, Christine J., Dr.25343  
VISOKAY, Kelly, Ms.26856  
VITALE, Lisa M., Dr.26750  
VOLKMAN, Richard L., Dr.26780  
VRANA, Heather A., Dr.25601  
VU, Thuan26690