Transfer Students

All incoming transfer students are assessed by the Academic Advisement Center for placement into Written Communication based on transfer coursework.

Freshmen/First-Year Students

All incoming first-year students will be placed into a written communication path based on their critical reading/verbal SAT score unless you have AP credit or plan to transfer in college credit taken during high school.  You will have an opportunity to tell us what path you think you should be placed within the New Student Orientation Survey.  If your selection differs from your SAT placement, you will have an opportunity to discuss it with us during New Student Orientation. 


Verbal SAT / AP Score

Written Communication Path

Fall Spring
ESL - bilingual and non-native speakers 1 ENG 119 ENG 110 or ENG 112
SAT 430 or ACT 17 or below 2 ENG 110 ENG 112
SAT 440-560 or ACT 18-24 3 INQ 101 ENG 112
SAT 570 - 800 or ACT 25 or above or AP Score 4* 4 ENG 112 Eligible to take literature courses and writing courses
AP Score 5*   INQ 101 Only (waive written communication, ENG 112)  

All Written Communication paths include a first year experience seminar course, INQ 101, which is taught by faculty from a variety of disciplines, designed to help you develop the intellectual and creative inquiry skills that will be crucial to successful college study.  The course focuses on the essentials like reading, writing, thinking, research and inquiry skills, and frameworks for building an academic habit of mind -- in other words, thinking like a college student.



PATH 1:  Written Communication for ESL Students

PATH 2: Fundamentals of Academic Writing

PATH 3:  Intellectual and Creative Inquiry

PATH 4:  Writing Arguments


WHAT IF I have other concerns?

If you have general concerns or questions about compostion, you should contact Professor Brian Johnson, Coordinator of English Composition and Placement at johnsonb2@southernct.edu or (203) 392-7049 for further discussion.