Entering freshmen are placed into their first math course according to their SAT math score.  Students that believe that they are prepared to take a higher level math course than their SAT math score indicates may challenge their placement by registering to take an on campus math placement exam by clicking here

Transfer students who have not transferred in credit for MAT 095, 100 or higher must register to take an on campus math placement by clicking here.  Transfer students may not use SAT scores for math placement.

You may not take a math placement if you have transferred in applicable math credits to Southern or if you have already taken a math course at Southern.

You may check your math placement below on the SAT/ACT conversion chart or by following the instructions on the Getting Your Scores page.

Freshmen, if you choose to take a math placement we strongly advise reviewing algebra before taking it.  If you placed into MAT 095 you may want to consider reading about your review options on the Math At Home Program page.


If you have an SAT/ACT Math score of... you will be placed in these math/OR statistics courses at SCSU, OR, you may choose to enroll in
SAT 450 or below
ACT 1-16
Mat 095: Elementary Algebra
SAT 460 to 490
ACT 17
Mat 102: Intermediate Algebra Extended (4 contract hours/week) Mat 095 to review Elementary Algebra concepts
SAT 500 to 540
ACT 18-21
Mat 100: Intermediate Algebra (3 contact hours/week) Mat 102 for more instructional time OR Mat 095 to review Elementary Algebra concepts
SAT 550 and above OR a B or better in an AP Statistics course
ACT 22 & above
Any mathematics course that has Mat 100/102 as a prerequisite. These include Mat 103, 105, 107, 108, 120, 122. The specific math course selected may be determined by requirements of your chosen major. Mat 095 OR Mat 100 OR Mat 102 to review concepts
SAT 600 and above AND a grade of B or better in a high school Precalculus or Calculus shown to have included trigonometry (please contact Math Department Chair) OR ACT 24 & above
OR AP Calculus w/ Grade of B or better
Any mathematics course that has Mat 100/102 OR Mat 120 OR Mat 122 as a prerequisite. These include Mat 103, 105, 107, 108, 120, 122, 139, 150, 178 (if CSC requirement is satisfied), 221. The specific math course selected may be determined by requirements of your chosen major. Mat 095 OR Mat 100 OR Mat 102 to review concepts

For students who wish to take the exam, below is information about the exam. 



Southern requires that each student take at least three credits in college-level mathematics. Some undergraduate programs require additional mathematics, and some graduate programs require students to take one or more mathematics courses.  The purpose of the mathematics placement exam is to place students into a mathematics course at an appropriate level, so that with reasonable effort the student has a good chance of success.  There is no passing or failing of the exam, as every student will be placed at some level.  The test does not measure what you once knew or what you could do if you tried harder.  Since some mathematical skills are easily forgotten, especially when not used on a regular basis, a review is advisable prior to taking the math placement exam.



The computer-based exam, called ACCUPLACER, is an adaptive test that may include topics from arithmetic, elementary and intermediate algebra, geometry, trigonometry and precalculus.  It tailors its questions to you according to your background and the answers you provide.  The test usually takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half to complete.  However, there is NO TIME LIMIT.  Placement results are provided immediately upon finishing the exam.



If you have not taken mathematics for some time or you are a high school senior who did not take mathematics your senior year, we strongly recommend that you review before taking the exam.  In order to place into our lowest group of college-level general education courses, you only need to show a working knowledge of the material in elementary and intermediate algebra (equivalent to Algebra I and II at the high school level).  If you hope to place into the Short Course in Calculus (MAT 139) or Calculus I (MAT 150) levels, you should review precalculus material.


Study Guides:



The algebra level test material includes: working with integer and rational exponents, factoring algebraic expressions, working with polynomials, working with radical and rational expressions, solving linear and algebraic equations and inequalities in one variable, solving quadratic equations, finding the equation of a line, graphing linear functions, solving problems involving ratios and proportions, and solving word problems associated with the given material.

The precalculus level test material includes working with polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs, solving equations with these functions, and trigonometry.



Statistically, unless an extensive review takes place between the two tests, students tend to perform at the same level both times.  If you really feel that your performance was a fluke, you may retest.  However, be aware that retesting will not be allowed until the last exam date.  You may speak to the proctor about a retest the day of the test or contact Christine Barrett at