math at home program

The Math At Home course called ALEKS is a concentrated Basic Mathematics and Algebra course, during which:

  1. your Basic Mathematics skills and Algebra skills will be assessed,
  2. your math weaknesses will be determined through a process of assessments and practice problems, and
  3. a computerized individual Math Study plan will be set up for you to guide you through learning paths to master these skills.

what's required?

  1. You must commit 3 weeks of your time concentrating on learning math material.
  2. You will be required to take an ALEKS assessments at home at specified times (the first and second Friday and the last Thursday of the 3 weeks you select).
  3. A registration fee of $32 and a registration code.



There are five sessions (listed with course codes) you can choose from:

  1. June 11 - June 29:  VAPFE-XPPXF
  2. June 18 - July 6:  UY646-R4CWT
  3. June 25 - July 13:  6KDXU-34YGF
  4. July 2 - July 20:  63APR-QLUYD
  5. July 9 - July 27:  Q94XW-P4WN6



Using the course codes above, you simply:

  1. Proceed to the ALEKS website at
  2. Click on New User - Sign up now
  3. Under Using ALEKS With a Class?  Enter the course code from above.
  4. Confirm Enrollment Information for Southern by clicking continue
  5. Purchase an Access Code Online
  6. Click on Higher-Ed Short (6 weeks*) (US $32.00)
  7. Complete Registration Information and pay

*Students will have access to ALEKS for 6 weeks to continue brushing up on their math skills, but the program only runs for 3 weeks.