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Frequently Asked Questions for Supervisors

The following information has been provided to answer some of the more frequently asked questions regarding Regular Program Student Employment. For additional information regarding student employment please contact Career Services at (203) 392-6536 or

How do I find out about the University's policies regarding Student Employment?
There is an On-Campus Student Employment Handbook available on student employment page.  These policies cover both the responsibilities and expectations of the student and the supervisor.  Please be sure to read them carefully and post them in your department.  It is always wise to review policies and expectations with student workers when you hire them.  This will help to avoid confusion or problems in the future.  If you are unsure about how to handle a sensitive matter with a student worker contact the Human Resources Department.  For additional information contact the Center for Career Services. 

I have expectations and policies for my student workers that are not covered by the policy statement, what should I do?
If you have additional policies for your student workers it is always wise to put them in writing and review them with the students when you hire them.  Please send a copy of any additional policy statement to the Human Resources Department.  It is important to share your policies with the Human Resources Department, located in the Wintergreen Building, to ensure they are in line with university, CSU, state and federal policies and regulations. 

How do I find students to work in my department?
You can post your on-campus positions on JOBS: Job Opportunities Benefiting Southern Students.  Please be sure to list SCSU followed by your department name.     
We recommend that you interview several students; this will help you to hire the student that would be the best fit for your department.

The student I want to hire already works on-campus, can I hire them also?
There are many more students looking for on-campus jobs than there are jobs available, for this reason we encourage you to hire a student who is not already employed.  The Center for Career Services would be happy to assist you in finding a student who fits your department needs.  However, the university does not currently have a policy limiting students to working in only one department.  If you plan to hire a student who is already employed in another department it is your responsibility to contact the other department to ensure that the student does not work more than the maximum allowed hours.  Maximum number of hours is 20 hours a week for the semester and 40 hours a week during breaks (provided that the student is not enrolled in a class during the break), and not more than 8 hours in a day.  Also, you must ensure the student's schedule does not conflict with their other position or class schedule.
Students may not hold multiple jobs or multiple pay rates in the same department.  As with most jobs student employees may be expected to perform a range of tasks that include responsibilities from multiple work classes.  In these cases the higher pay rate could prevail.  However, it is also appropriate to average the two pay rates you would like to pay the student to come up with a pay rate in the middle to account for the different duties. 

How do I know if a student is eligible to work on campus?
To work on campus a student must be accepted to the university as matriculated and enrolled in courses.   Matriculation is defined as being accepted to the university and enrolled in a planned program (a student can be matriculated even if they are an undeclared major).   To be eligible for summer work the student must have been enrolled in the prior spring semester and continue enrollment in the subsequent fall semester or be enrolled and completing degree requirements during one of the summer sessions.
You should check a student's matriculation and enrollment status using Banner before hiring them.  The students matriculation and enrollment status will be verified when Career Services reviews the Work Authorization Request.
No student may begin an on-campus job until they have completed their Student Employment Work Authorization Request form and it has been stamped by the Center for Career Services.

How does a student get put on the university student worker payroll?
Complete the Student Employment Work Authorization Request and assist the student in the completing the student section.  Give the form to the student to take to Career Services, Schwartz Hall room 102.  If they are a new student worker, they will be directed to HR to fill out the following paperwork:
1. State W-4 and Federal W-4
(Submitted at HR after Career Services has verified employment eligibility)

The student must have a valid social security number to work on campus.   If they do not have a social security number they must apply for one by calling 1-800-772-1213.
2. I-9 Form 
(Submitted at HR after Career Services has verified employment eligibility)
This form is required to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.   It requires that the student present documentation to establish identity and employment eligibility.   For a list of acceptable documents please view the I-9 document section of this website.
Arriving with the proper identification and documentation will expedite the process, so the student may begin to work in your department as soon as possible.
3. Student Employment Work Authorization
The Student Employment Work Authorization Request must be completed and stamped by Career Services before the student may begin work.         
At the start of the academic year and summer work periods each student must be authorized to work by the Center for Career Services and the Human Resources Department to ensure that they remain eligible to work on campus, and they have filled out all required university, state and federal paperwork.  
Supervisors must complete the Student Employment Work Authorization Request form with the student and the student must bring it to the Center for Career Services, Schwartz Hall 102.   Only completed forms will be accepted.  Students may begin to work once the Career Center stamps the form ensuring work eligibility.  The student will be given a copy of the stamped form.  Please require the student to return the copy to you before they begin working. 
Students will not be put on the university student payroll unless they have been authorized by the Center for Career Services and the Human Resources Department.   Any student working in your department without the proper paperwork on file will not be paid.
4. State of Connecticut Code of Ethics
The review and signature of the State of Connecticut Code of Ethics is required of all new state employees.  Any questions concerning the State of Connecticut Code of Ethics should be directed to Human Resources.
5. Confidentiality Statement
The review and Signature of the Confidentiality Statement is required of all new state employees. Any questions concerning this statement should be directed to Human Resources.

How do I know when my student worker will get their first paycheck?
 The payroll schedule is strictly adhered to, it can be viewed on the web, or contact Career Services for a copy (392-6536).  Please post a copy of the schedule in your department for reference.  It can take four or more weeks for a student to get their first paycheck.  Also, be aware of deadline dates that relate to the beginning of work periods such as the academic year and summer, failure to get a new Work Authorization in on time will result in an interruption in the student's paycheck.  Watch your e-mail for updates regarding when forms are due.  Students may complete a form for the upcoming academic year before leaving for the summer.  The Center for Career Services begins accepting forms for the following academic year on May 1st.

I am hiring an international student, what do they need to do before beginning an on-campus job?
Because work eligibility is determined differently for international students the process of getting them on to the student worker payroll is slightly different. You must write a letter to Aliya Amin in the International Student Office, Engleman Hall B116A. The letter should include the student's name and student ID number, a brief description of the job duties, and the rate of pay.  Ms. Amin will issue the student a letter to the Social Security Administration so that the student can apply for a Social Security card. The student must receive their Social Security Card before they can begin working. Once the student has received their Social Security card (4-6 weeks) the student should bring the Work Authorization Request to the Career Center, Schwartz Hall 102. A member of the Career Center staff will verify matriculation and enrollment, stamp the Work Authorization form and direct the student to Diane Boutaugh in the Human Resources Department, located in the Wintergreen Building, to complete their I-9 and W-4s. It is only necessary to complete this process when the student first begins an on campus job. If the student is a returning student worker they can complete the Work Authorization according to the normal process. Returning student workers who are international students will bring their Work Authorization Request to the Center for Career Services, Schwartz Hall 102, to verify enrollment and matriculation, then to the Human Resources Department,Wintergreen Building, to verify visa status. 
How often does the Student Employment Work Authorization Form need to be completed?
There are three different times that students need to complete a new form:
1. When they accept a new on-campus job.
A new form must be completed for each position the student holds.
2. At the beginning of the academic year (September).
Students will be authorized to work for one academic year (September-May), the exact dates are based on the dates listed in the undergraduate catalog. If you have questions please contact the Career Center at (203) 392-6536. If the student will only be working on a temporary basis please indicate the appropriate end date on the form.   If you terminate a student before the end date designated on the form you completed please notify the Human Resources Department. This will protect the supervisor in the case of time sheets being handed in after the person has been terminated. 
3. A separate Student Employment Work Authorization form must be completed for the summer work period.

Do I need to do a new Student Employment Work Authorization form if I decide to give a student worker a pay increase, or pay them from a different Banner Account?
No, you should use side 2 of the new Work Authorization form.  You will find a section titled Reauthorization/ Change in Employment Status, use this section of the form to make up to four changes.  If you have an older version of the Work Authorization form please complete a new form and write the work change across the top; future changes can be done on the same form.
The completed form must be delivered by the student to the Center for Career Services, Schwartz Hall 102.  Changes will typically take effect on the first day of the next full pay period, or according to the payroll schedule. 

How many hours a week can a student work?
Student workers can work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session. However, they can work up to 40 hours per week during school recesses such as summer and intersession. Students may not work more than 8 hours per day.   Students who work in multiple departments must not work more then 20 hours during the semester and 40 hours during school recesses.  These are maximum numbers of hours, scheduled hours are dependent upon your budget. A student's work schedule should never be in conflict with their class schedule.

Is an employer required to provide a break?
Connecticut state law does not require an employer to provide a break.  However, state law does require the employer to provide a meal period after the employee has worked 7½ or more consecutive hours. For more information from CT Department of Labor click here.

How much should I pay my student workers?
For CT wage information click here 
For the CSU (Board of Regents) Student Worker Pay Rate Schedule click here.
What is the difference between Regular Program Student Workers, University Assistants (UA's),

Graduate Assistants, and Work Study?
Regular Program Student Employment - These are student workers who are paid from your department budget, using the line item designated for student employment.   All the questions on this page address regular program student workers only.
University Assistants (UA's) - UA's are governed by their own set of regulations set forth by the HumanResources Department.  Please direct your questions to the to the Human Resources Department:
Phone (203) 392-5567, Fax (203) 392-5571
Online click here
Graduate Assistants (GA's) - Like UA's Graduate assistantships are governed by their own set of regulations, and questions should be directed to the Human Resources Department telephone number listed above.
Work Study - The Federal College Work Study Program is coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.   Any questions regarding students who have been awarded Work Study should be directed to:
Phone (203) 392-5222, Fax (203) 392-5229
*Please note that Regular Program Student Employment is not to be confused with Federal Work-Study, which is coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, located in the Wintergreen building. They facilitate the placement process for those students who have been awarded Federal Work Study as a part of their financial aid package.