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Hiring a University Student WorkeR

As a supervisor of student workers you are an integral part of a student's learning experience.  For many students, an on-campus job may be the first time they will be working.  In addition to completing the necessary forms, take the time to ensure that both you and your student worker will have a smooth transition, by going over general guidelines such as the student worker policy statement, the payroll calendar, the job description, and your department's policies and expectations. 

Supervisors should initiate the following forms:


Work Authorization Stipend Form
This form must be completed by all supervisors in conjunction with their student workers for every semester they will be paid out of a stipend. (fall, winter, spring and summer).
After you have completed the Work Authorization Request please direct students to the student worker web page to complete additional paperwork.  Remind students that the Work Authorization will not be stamped without proper ID, as required by the Federal I-9 form.   

Students Under 18 years of age
Students require working papers if they are under 18 years of age; the supervisor must complete a promise of employment.

Supervisor Verification Form
If you are employing an international student you must complete this form and have the student bring it to the International Student Office, so that the student can be given the necessary paperwork to obtain a social security number.  International students must obtain a social security number before beginning their on-campus jobs.
Please post the following Information in your department and review it with both new and returning student workers:

On-Campus Student Worker Handbook
(The handbook is designed to be printed double sided and folded down the middle.) Signing the Student Employment Work Authorization form indicates that you have read and understood the policies contained in the handbook.

Student Worker Payroll Calendar
Student Employment Work Authorization Request form deadlines, pay date, and time sheet deadlines can be found here.

Support for Supervisors 
The University Student Worker Program is coordinated through a joint effort by the Center for Career Services, Human Resources, and Payroll.  If you have questions about the process, please feel free to contact us.
Career Services
(203) 392-6536
Human Resources
(203) 329-5567
(203) 392-5430
Frequently Asked Questions for Supervisors
Want to find out more about how to hire student workers, how much to pay them, and how to get them on the payroll?   For answers to these and other questions, review the FAQs for supervisors.

Please note:
The University Student Worker Program is not to be confused with Federal Work-Study, which is coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, located in the Wintergreen building. They provide placement for those students who have been awarded Federal Work Study as a part of their financial aid package.