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Students Who have received an employment offer:

Before beginning your new job your work eligibility will need to be verified at the Center for Career Services.  Please print and complete the forms below, along with the Work Authorization Request your supervisor has provided.  All forms, as well as proper identification and proof of work eligibility, (appropriate ID and eligibility documents are listed on page 2 of the I-9) must be submitted prior to beginning your on-campus job.  Once your eligibility for on-campus employment is verified you will be directed how to submit the rest of the packet.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact Career Services at 203-392-6536.

 International Students Only: It is not necessary to complete the forms below.  Please complete only the Work Authorization and submit it to the Center for Career Services.  After your Work Authorization is approved you will work with Human Resources to complete the additional paperwork. 


*the Work Authorization Received from your Supervisor, Must be brought to Career Services to verify work eligiblity. all of the following forms should be printed and either submitted as instructed, or retained for your records*


I-9 Form (Submit to Human Resources after your work eligibility has been verified at Career Services) Be sure to bring proper identification and proof of work eligibility as listed on page 2 of the form. 

Federal W-4 (Submit to Human Resources after your work eligibility has been verified at Career Services)

CT W-4(Submit to Human Resources after your work eligibility has been verified at Career Services)

Confidentiality Statement (Submit to Human Resources after your work eligibility has been verified at Career Services)

Direct Deposit Authorization(Submit to Payroll)

On-campus Student Worker Handbook The Handbook is designed to be printed double sided and folded down the center.  (retain for your records) 

Payroll Calendar (retain for your records)

*New forms must be completed by any student who has never worked on campus before, or who has had a break in employment of more than three months.  Students who have not had a break in employment, but are beginning a job in a new department will only need to complete a Work Authorization Request, supplied by the supervisor*

Descriptions of Required Forms

I-9- Federal Law requires all employees to show proof of identity and employment eligibility.  Most students use a driver's license and social security card, or permanent resident card.  For a complete list of acceptable documents please see page 2 of the I-9 Form.

Federal and CT W-4 Forms- University employees can not advise students how to complete their tax forms.  If students are unsure what to claim they are encouraged to speak with a parent or guardian.  International students will complete their forms in the Human Resources Department after having the Work Authorization Request stamped at the Center for Career Services.  The Human Resources Officer will advise them of any tax treaties the US has with the student's home country. 

State of CT Code of Ethics- All CT state employees are required to review and agree to the State of CT Code of Ethics.  This code should guide you in making decisions when you are on the job.

Direct Deposit Authorization- Although direct deposit is not required it is strongly encouraged.  Authorizing the university to deposit your pay check directly into your bank account ensures you will get your check on time whether you are at home or on-campus, even if the university is closed for snow!

Payroll Calendar-Student Employment Work Authorization Request form deadlines, pay date, and timesheet deadlines can be found here.  


For more information contact the Center for Career Services, 203-392-6536.

*Please note that the University Student Worker Program is not to be confused with Federal Work-Study, which is coordinated by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, located in the Wintergreen building.  They provide placement for those students who have been awarded Federal Work Study as a part of their financial aid package.  Financial Aid is located on the web at: http://www.southernct.edu/financialaid/