Office of Study Skills Enrichment


Most of the students we work with are bright but have never been taught the groundwork of learning. We take for granted that students know how to learn and if they aren't successful, they are lazy. But we are discovering more and more that many students feel that they don't have a good grasp of the material presented in their classes because they need help with the principles of success through proper study techniques. They do know that they are capable of "getting it," but they are confused about how.

When students gain self-confidence through good study skills, test-taking techniques and note-taking strategies, it changes the whole educational experience for them. It enhances the teaching/learning experience in every way for all involved.

The staff of the Office of Study Skills Enrichment Program works to impart useful personal management skills for school and for day-to-day life in addition to study strategies. Students of all ages and backgrounds use this service, and feedback from workshop attendees tells the story. Each year the numbers of workshop attendees increase, and we believe much of that growth can be attributed to students who have benefited from academic success workshops and recommend them to their peers.

The workshop program helps students learn many tools and skills which will assist them to manage life as a student. Topics such as time management, study skills, goal-setting and prioritizing, note-taking, researching strategies, test taking, and even conflict resolution are among the workshop offerings. We strive to contribute to the empowerment and self-confidence of students by offering skills that they can use now and transfer later to the workplace.