Preparing for Final Exams involves:


Understanding Examinations -- What are exams about, and what are they looking for from you?


Managing Your Priorities, Life, Time, and Place to prepare for your examinations:

When you begin to prepare for your examinations three or more weeks before the exam, your top life priority for that preparation period of time must be preparing for your exams, thereby earning your degree.

Scheduling -- Try to schedule large periods of time at the same time to prepare for your exams.

Place -- You need to find/make a place that is consistently quiet with few distractions.

Planning -- Plan steps for preparing for your exams so that you are not trying to take on too much at one time and so that you can see yourself steadily building strength toward taking your examination.

Get Help -- Your family, friends, and employers may be able and willing to help you with what you need to do to prepare for your examinations:

Finding out about your exams -- What do you need to know?

You need to gather all of the information that you can about your examinations so that you know what to prepare for:


Gathering and Organizing Your Information for studying:

Group your information (notes or note and reading summaries) into piles by topic of what be on the examination.

Make study guides for each pile of information to test yourself on that information.
What should be on each Study Guide?


Drilling, rehearsing, and practicing for your exams: