Workshop Descriptions

Organizing and Managing This Semester...Learn how to get yourself, your academic work, and your life responsibilities and needs organized and scheduled for better time management. 

Taking and Using Your Class Notes To Study...This will show you different ways for taking notes and determining what to get down, and then using your notes to help you to study and prepare for tests.

Preparing and Writing Essay Tests...Find out how to anticipate essay test questions, practice how to answer them, and write better test answers.

Preparing and Taking Mid-Term Tests...Learn strategies for preparing and taking true-false, multiple choice and essay tests.

Researching Papers; Topic to Outline...Find out how to pick a manageable paper topic, research it, and outline your information before you write. 

Writing Papers; Outline to Final Draft...How will you go from making a research paper outline to writing your rough draft?  Let us give you tips and show you the steps to this.

Planning and Making Class Presentations...See how to make a presentation to your classmates and be more comfortable with doing it.

Preparing and Taking Final Examinations...What are some efficient ways to prepare for your final exams?  Find out at this workshop.