National Society of Student Leadership F.A.Q.

Thank you for your interest in the National Society of Leadership and Success. You may have questions regarding this opportunity and we hope that this page helps answer some of them.

The majority of your questions will most likely be answered on the National Society of Student Leadership and Success' website. Here is the link to their F.A.Q. page. Click here.

Question- What is the National Society of Student Leadership and Success?

Answer- We are a Leadership Honor Society with more than 200 college chapters, with the mission to build leaders who make a better world. Local chapters offer in-person leadership development and peer-to-peer networking for students around the world.

Upon filling out our online application and paying the one-time registration fee, you are considered a pre-inducted member of the Society. After you have completed the steps to induction (which requires approximately 12 hours of your time) you will become an inducted member.

Question- How are students selected for the National Society of Student Leadership and Success?

Answer- Students that are Club and Organization Executive Board Members, attended the Student Leadership Retreat, Resident Advisors, Orientation Ambassadors, Athletes and other appointed or elected student leadership positions are invited. Additionally, seniors with over a 3.0 Grade Point Average are invited.

Question- Can I join after the deadline?

Answer- (Fall 2014) The deadline for registration is October 22nd.

Question- What if time commitment is too much but I still want to participant in the National Society of Student Leadership and Success?

Answer-    NSLS offers the opportunity to join through an on-line process. For more information visit  .

Q- I joined but now I realize that this opportunity isn't for me. Am I eligible for a reimbursement?

A-    Each case is somewhat different. Visit the NSLS website for information on their refund policy. Below is some information that may help- To request a Membership Refund or Transfer Membership into our Online Chapter: Visit and use our online system to have your request fulfilled.