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Smart Initiative

Southern's Millennial Age Recycled Technology (SMART) Initiative hopes to prepare students for success in the new millennium by providing used computers to individuals experiencing financial hardship while maintaining our commitment to a green environment through the use of recycled technological equipment.

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The SMART Initiative is a collaborative effort of the Student Government Association, Information Technology and the Southern Connecticut State University Foundation. Each year, the University allocates computers free of charge to students who meet the Initiative's application requirements.

About the Computers

The computers are three to four years old and have been used exclusively in on-campus computer labs. Each machine comes installed with either Windows XP or Mac OS X operating systems. Two software applications, Microsoft Office and McAfee Anti-Virus, are also available as free downloads through SCSU's Share website:

The Information Technology ensures that each computer is in working condition prior to distribution. That said, IT does not provide any technical support to individually owned computers, including those allocated by the SMART Initiative.

SMART Application

Download and complete the 2014-2015 SMART application form with required signature. Applications submitted by September 30th will have first consideration, but applications may be submitted throughout the semester. 

Submission Guidelines
Turn in this signed form to the Office of Student Life
Fax this signed form to: (203) 392-8963, or mail this signed form to:
SMART Initiative
Office of Student Life/Student Government Association
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT 06515


If you have any questions, contact the Office of Student Life
Email questions to