Farnham Programming Space



                The Office of Residence Life is pleased to offer the newly renovated Farnham Programming Space (FPS).The FPS offers a variety of educational, entertaining, and interactive events for all residential and commuter students. From our Residence Hall Association body meetings to the Counseling Services Programming Series to our Coffee House/Open Mic Night, there are a vast amount of events happening on any day of the week throughout the semester.

                  When there is not an event going on, the FPS offers quiet study hours for residential students, a place to go to get out of your room and meet new people, a place to relax, or even to simply watch TV or Reslife Cinema. Events that have occurred in the space have included; Counseling Services Pet-Therapy Stress Relief, Sustainable Sushi event, and Reslife Cinema movie nights, just to name a few.

The Office of Residence Life is also interested in holding your event here!

Click here to see the calendar of events and/or check the availability for your next event! 

Please click here to submit a request! **Please note that if you need to cancel an event, email gleifertn1@southernct.edu at least 48 hours in advance.** 

Need the room set up for a conference? meeting? smaller groups? or presentation? Just let us know! 

Standing Capacity: 355

Sitting Capacity: 120

Usage: Programs and Events (must be open to all Residential Students)

Special Features: The Space provides the students with a variety of services for use during any event, program or leisure time during our hours of operation. Those services include:

Hours of Operation: The space is open during the semester from 5:00pm to 1:00am, Sunday through Thursday and also 11:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays.

Rules and Regulations: In order to provide an entertaining yet safe environment for our students, some rules and regulations must be enforced. All programs and events must be proposed through the Farnham Programming Space Request form [link posted above]. You must also complete a Facilities Usage Form in order to receive the space, given that the date and time is available.

All programs and events must be open to all residential students

Cooking or preparing food is not permitted inside the space

This includes Popcorn Machines, Cotton Candy Machines, etc

Although the Farnham Programming Space is considered it's own entity, it is still located in the basement of a Residence Hall. All Housing Policies still apply. You can find a comprehensive Guide to Living on Campus that contains all housing policies and procedures on the Residence Life website or by clicking here

Events are subject to the approval of the residence life staff.  Events which may result in damage to the space or that are not conducive to the educational mission of the University may not be approved for the programming space.

The events that take place in the Farnham Programming Space are strictly for the current students, faculty, and staff of Southern Connecticut State University.  Therefore, in order to reserve, utilize, or attend any event at the Farnham Programming Space, an individual must be a current student, faculty, or staff member.  All non-SCSU guests are not permitted to attend any program within the Programming Space.

To View a Virtual Tour of the Farnham Programming Space, CLICK HERE! 

If you have any questions, please contact:

The Office of Residence Life



Farnham Programming Space