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New initiatives

SCSU Recycling Moves Solar 


SCSU Recycling has recently launched plans for a new pilot program with solar powered recycling units. The Bigbelly Solar is the world's first and only solar powered cordless compactor. It is a cost effective and environmentally conscious way to manage trash.

The City of Philadelphia has recently removed 700 trash bins from their downtown area and have replaced them with 500 Bigbellys. The cities anticipated savings for a single year is $875,000 by cutting down on city trash pick-ups by 75%. Even organizations such as the Boston Red Sox have outfitted their surrounding stadium area with Bigbellys.

For more information please click Bigbelly Solar Recycling


Bookstore's Sustainability Efforts and Recycled Products

Sustainability Efforts
╖ Reuse wooden skids for shipping
╖ Reuse cardboard cartons and packing materials for returns
╖ Have cut back the use of plastic bags by 50% over the past 2 years
╖ Have provided 1.500 free eco totes through special events and back to school periods
╖ Recycle all unused paper

Recycled and Biodegradable Product

╖ Tote bags
╖ T shirts
╖ Greeting cards
╖ Flash drives
╖ Index cards and notebooks
╖ Filler paper and copy paper
╖ Pens, pencils
╖ Dividers and binders
╖ Expanding files and pencil cases

New Recycled Products
╖ Sketch and writing journals
╖ Journals that use actual record albums and covers for the front covers