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recyclable materials

Southern recycles more than just paper and bottles! Below is a list of all the recyclable items and where they can be deposited on campus.

Click on a link below to see what types of items are recyclable and where to recycle them.


Ink and Toner Cartridges

Bottles, Cans and Plastics

Light Bulbs



Cell Phones



Phone Books




Batteries         back to top

Batteries are considered regulated waste and should not be disposed of in the trash. Battery disposal is located on the ground floor of Facilities Operations and in all of the lobbies of the residence halls. Contact Tina Agentis (, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator to arrange a pickup.

Bottles, Cans and Plastics         back to top

Plastics which include any bottled beverage (carbonated and non carbonated), milk jugs, detergent bottles and other types of plastic food containers can be disposed of in any blue, 25 gallon container labeled "Bottles, Cans and Plastics Only". Containers should be rinsed and cleaned of food residue.

Glass bottles and jars can be disposed of in any blue, 25 gallon bottle and can container labeled "bottles, cans and plastics only". Please do not place broken glass or light bulbs in containers.

Metal items such as aluminum or steel (tin) cans including beverage and food cans, clean aluminum foil, pie plates and clean aluminum takeout food containers can be disposed of in any 25 gallon bottle and can container labeled "bottles, cans and plastics only".

Cardboard         back to top

Cardboard should be flattened and disposed of in a cardboard dumpster located at one of the academic buildings or the residence halls. Departments can leave their flattened cardboard for their custodian. Buildings that do not have access to a cardboard dumpster, should contact Heather Stearns, Recycling Coordinator at to request a pickup.

Cell Phones         back to top

Personal cell phones are donated to Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven. Cell phones and chargers can be dropped off at the Women's Center in Schwartz Hall or to the Michael J. Adanti Student Center Information Lobby collection box. For additional information, please call the Women's Center at (203) 392-6946.

University owned cell phones should be brought to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk located in TE 7 where they will be reused by another employee or recycled. For more information, contact the Help Desk at (203) 392-5123.

Clothing         back to top

Goodwill Industries collection boxes are located around the residence halls during the week of move out in both the fall and spring semester. Gently used clothing, shoes and household items can be placed into the container. For more information about Goodwill Industries, go to

Electronics         back to top

University owned computers, copiers, printers, fax machines, and other electronics are universal regulated waste and must be recycled. To recycle a university owned copier or fax machine, contact Inventory Control at (203) 392-6070. University owned computing equipment including laptops, desktops, and printers must be delivered to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk located in TE 7 and the responsible party must fill out an I002 form to relinquish the hardware. For additional information, contact the Help Desk at (203) 392-5123.
For information about recycling personally owned electronics, contact your local town for information regarding town wide electronic recycling.

Ink and Toner Cartridges         back to top

Place ink and toner cartridges in original packaging. Give used cartridges to Facilities Operations delivery personnel. All ink and toner cartridges are returned to Corporate Express for recycling. To schedule a pickup, please email

Light Bulbs         back to top

To dispose of unbroken fluorescent light bulbs, give them to a custodian for proper disposal or contact the Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at

Students living in Schwartz Hall, Brownell Hall, North Campus Residence Complex and West Campus Residence Complex can dispose of their compact fluorescent bulbs in the CFL container located in the lobby.

Metal         back to top

A scrap metal container is located behind Facilities Operations. If your office has metal items in need of disposal, contact Heather Stearns, Recycling Coordinator at

Paper         back to top

Mixed office paper can be disposed of in any blue, desk side container that is designated for "mixed office paper" or in any 3 in 1 compartment container with a slot for "mixed office paper". Mixed office paper includes food boxes (i.e. cereal boxes), also known as "paper board", envelopes (windows included), colored paper, magazines, catalogs and junk mail. For a detailed list of acceptable paper, please refer to the label on the side of the desk side container or contact Heather Stearns, Recycling Coordinator at

Phone Books         back to top

Phone books can be recycled in any blue, desk side recycling bin located in any of the offices on campus. For large quantities, contact the building custodian for disposal.

Miscellaneous Items

Uncertain if an item is recyclable? Contact Heather Stearns, Recycling Coordinator at or (203) 392-6931 for assistance.