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The Swap Shop

Welcome to The Swap Shop where you can find University owned office supplies for free. The Swap Shop is intended for University personnel (faculty and staff) to exchange no longer needed office supplies amongst departments. If you are interested in an item listed, email the contact person to make arrangements for pickup. If your department has items to post, click the link below to fill out the request form.

Terms and Conditions

The Swap Shop is intended for use by faculty and staff of Southern Connecticut State University who have office supplies they no longer need. Only authorized users will be given access to exchange office supply items with other departments. This site is not intended for personal use. Items exchanged must be the property of the University and under no circumstances are personal items allowed to be posted. Any postings of personal items will be removed. All posted items with no activity will be removed automatically after 90 days. Any changes or updates to the posting is the responsibility of the user. The University reserves the right to remove any content that is inappropriate or that does not comply with the criteria of the Swap Shop.

After you have contacted a department and have exchanged resources, please email the Recycling Center so that we can remove the post from the listing. Also, please check if your items, like ink cartridges, have expired. If they have, please recycle them properly. This will help make the program more effective.

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