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Building A Better You Programming Series: The Art of Being Enough
Spring 2014

Building A Better You: The Art of Being Enough is a programming series centered on how difficult it can be to be yourself in a world that is constantly telling you are not enough. E.E. Cummings said: “To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting”. In this series, we will aim to help students rediscover their true self and learn to accept their imperfections. We will practice developing gratitude and self-acceptance, remember how to play, let go of having to be perfect, and building the tools necessary to endure the unavoidable adversities in life.

Week One: 01/29 – The Art of Being Enough -“Authenticity” 

Being real vs. Being Liked: It can be difficult to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to prove you are not enough. Learn how to practice authenticity every day and build the courage to accept and embrace imperfections.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

Week Two02/05 - The Art of Being Enough - “Weathering Life’s Storms”

Staying hopeful when it’s hard. Anxiety and stress have become an acceptable lifestyle, almost expected in order to show your worth. But that mentality can take an emotional and physical toll on your well-being. Learn how to recognize your strengths and put hope into practice through determination, realistic goal setting, and being directive.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

Week Three:  02/12 – The Art of Being Enough - “Acknowledging the Good”

Create your own contentment not by ignoring your struggles, but by gratitude for the journey. What do you appreciate in this very moment? Who are you thankful for in your life? Recognizing gratitude in the day-to-day is at the basis for leading a joyful, fulfilling life!
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

Week Four:  02/19 - The Art of Being Enough - “Rediscovering Joy”

When did we forget how to play? Where do you create or find your joy? Do you always worry about what others think? Do you waste time comparing yourself to others? Come learn about the importance of play, rest, and creativity and not being afraid of the uncertainty or letting go!
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

Week Five:  02/26 - The Art of Being Enough – “There is No Such Thing as Perfect”

Doing your best is not the same as being perfect. Join us during Eating Disorder Awareness Week as we rediscover self-compassion and confront the challenges that stem from a fear of failure in an unrealistically “perfect” world.
Location: ASC Room 305 7-8:30pm

Week Six:  03/05 - The Art of Being Enough – “Letting Go of the “Shoulds”

Are you “should-ing” yourself? You “should” be this; you “should” do that – living a purposeful life is not done with self-doubt. Learn how to stop waking up in the “negative” and start contributing to your personal happiness and joy.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

Week Eight:  03/12 The Art of Being Enough- “Free Yoga Night”

Join Denise Zack, RYT for a cleansing and invigorating vinyasa flow yoga class. Bring your own mat, towel and water.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm


                               MBSR: Mindful-Based Stress Reduction                                (pre-registration & eight week commitment required)

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program is an eight-week introduction to mindfulness practice, including seated meditation and gentle yoga. Developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, it is designed to teach people how to take better care of themselves and participate fully in improving their health, well-being and quality of life. This program teaches you how to take charge of your life by learning to work consciously, systematically and skillfully with all types of stress including sleep disturbances, pain, illness, relationship stress, job or school stress and the challenges and demands of daily life.

The MBSR program consists of eight weekly 1.5-hour sessions and one 3-hour retreat held on a weekend. This highly participatory, practical course includes

•Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
•Gentle stretching and mindful yoga
•Group discussion aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life
•Review of physiological and psychological components of the stress cycle
•Skills for responding to specific types of stress
•Daily personal practice

Tens of thousands of people have taken and benefited from this course. The Counseling Center at Southern Connecticut State University is pleased to offer it for the first time on campus. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students. It requires a commitment to attend all weekly meetings, one weekend day retreat and practice a few minutes every day. Pre-registration required and class size is limited.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring something comfortable to sit on (i.e. meditation mat)

When: Wednesdays from 5:00 – 6:30 PM

January 29th  – March 26th (no meeting March 19th)

Retreat: Sunday, March 2nd (2 – 5 PM)

Where:  all in Student Center room 305

Participants much pre-register to attend by calling the Counseling Center at 392-5475

Counseling Services Coaching Series: Life Goals Boot Camp Spring 2014

Where are you now? Where do you want to go from here? Whether it's regarding career, academics  or other life issues, Counseling Services Coaching Series: Life goals Boot Camp is specifically designed to help you make your  life goals achievable!

3/26 - Week 1 "Creating a Vision"

Goal setting 101: What are you hoping to achieve? What identity do you want to create in order to have a successful life? Come learn about how to find your true identity and understand how negative beliefs ultimately impact your life choices and get in the way of your success!
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

4/2 - Week 2 "Setting Your Intention"

Creating your personal “success script”. Maximize your thoughts and rewrite your future! In this workshop, we will focus on specific goal attainment and follow through.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

4/9 - Week 3 "Status Update"

Negotiating the step-by-step. Determine what is getting in the way of your success, and how to stay motivated.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm

4/16 - Week 4 "Staying On Track"

Turning your goals a lasting reality. Review your progress and goals. See what works, what needs to change and set your sights on your the future.
Location: Farnham Programming Space 7-8:30pm




Eating Disorder Awareness Week 02/24-02/28
Eating Disorder Awareness Tabling Events – co-sponsored by SCSU Active Minds
Eating Disorder Awareness Film Night
Delta Phi Epsilon Candlelight Vigil & Panel Discussion

4/30 – Pet Assisted Therapy   # Woof

Location: Farnham Programming Space 5:30-7:00pm                                                                                                                 De-Stress before Finals with the Registered Therapy Dogs of "Pet Partners”.