FREE HUGs Campaign

Free Hugs

The Counseling Center along with Active Minds and Southern's RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) is sponsoring a FREE HUGS Campaign on campus during Mid-terms week and finals.

Would you like to volunteer to be a Hugger on SCSU's Campus during mid terms week?

Details for volunteers:

We are looking for matriculated students who are good huggers to volunteer their time to pass out FREE HUGS during mid terms week.  We will spend the day in the main quad area on campus near Buley and Engleman offering free hugs to passerbsy.  You can volunteer for an hour, a few hours or for the whole day.

If you think you have what it takes to give good hugs email or contact the Counseling Center at 392-5475 EN B 219 and provide the following information:

Full name, student ID, cell phone and best way to be contacted.

Huggers will be required to attend a one hour FREE HUG training, on hug etiquette the week prior to FREE HUG day. You will also get a FREE HUG T-shirt!

More info.

"Free Hugs is an international kindness initiative based on the simplest idea of offering hugs to complete strangers."

"Offering Free Hugs has many purposes.  From making someone's day a little brighter to meeting new people and showing the world that strangers aren't so bad after all.  It's also about bringing people together and sharing a happy moment before heading back out into the world feeling a little happier about themselves."

"Free Hugs is all about people being there for each other.  When you're feeling sad and alone in the world, it helps to talk to someone, to share a laugh, to see someone smile at you, to have somebody wrap their arms around you in a supportive embrace and reassure you that everyting will be alright."

                                      ~From The Illustrated Guide to Free Hugs by Juan Mann


To view a video about how the FREE HUGS campaign works check out this link: