Self-Help Resources

The following links provide information about issues that affect college students, and general mental health topics that may be helpful for students, parents, faculty, and staff.

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Student Health 101

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Transition Year

University Counseling Services self-help pages*



Bystander Effect

Coming Out

Coping wtih Trauma


Eating Disorders

Making Friends


Safe Zone Resources

Sexual Assault - See S.A.R.T. link below

Stress Management


 *These links are not intended as a substitute for counseling. We encourage any student who feels unable to successfully handle a distressing situation to make an appointment with a professional counselor in Counseling Services or, if after hours, contact 911 or campus police in the event of an emergency.


S.A.R.T. - SCSU Sexual Assault Resource Team

Southern Connecticut State University's Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) is designed to provide a collaborative victim-centered team response to sexual assault. 

National mental health websites

The APA Help Center
The American Psychological Association helping website provides great resources and articles about mental health issues, coping, family topics and much more.

The National Institute on Mental Health has many great resources and information about mental illness and how it affects different populations.
Southern Connecticut State University is one of over 300 colleges and universities in the country linked with On this site students log in and are able to download information about various mental illnesses, ask questions, make appointments, and seek help anonymously via the Internet, a medium they are comfortable using.

ACCA                                                                                                                                                                                                       Suicide and depression affect many people, through personal experiences or through the experiences of friends and family. This video, made by the students of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, attempts to break through the taboo surrounding the topic and give hope to all those who are suffering.

Healthy minds. Healthy Lives
Developed by the American Psychiatric Association, this website offers specific information on the mental health issues affecting today's college students.

Face the Issue
Personal stories narrated by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez this site aims to raise awareness of common emotional and physical health issues faced by young adults. It is also designed to build a supportive community without judgment.

Self Help Books
A guide to self-help books. This site provides mini-reviews of various self-help books.

Stop A Suicide                                                                                                                                                                                  Provides helpful information to friends and family who are concerned about a loved one and suicide.                               
Sponsored by the National Mental Health Association, is a new youth awareness campaign that's harnessing the power of music to change youth attitudes about mental health and fight the stigma facing the 1 in 5 youth with mental health problems.  A useful site designed for men who suffer from disordered eating patterns without all of the focus and attention on female issues and advertising.  


Other university Virtual pamphlets

Virtual pamphlet published by another university may refer to services that are only available to students attending that university. Students should contact their own university counseling center.

The Dr. Bob site is The Unabridged Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection.  It contains self help information from universities all over the country.

The following are Self-Help Brochures from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Counseling Center. Includes on-line brochures on:

Addictive Relationships
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Body Size Diversity and Acceptance
Coming Out
Committed Relationships and School
Dissertation Success Strategies
Experiencing and Expressing Emotions
For Loved Ones of Sexual Assault/Abuse Survivors
Grief and Loss
Maybe I have an Eating Problem
Maybe I have a Friend with an Eating Disorder
Overcoming Procrastination
Permanent Weight Control
Stress Management
Suicide Prevention
Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
Surviving Psychological Trauma
Test Anxiety
Time Management
Understanding and Treating Anxiety
Understanding Depression
Understanding Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns in Your Family
When Your Parent Has a Mental Illness
Your Parents' Divorce


Online Assessment Tools

This site offers five different screening tools designed to raise awareness about the symptoms of many different disorders. This site also provides education and resources for students about these issues. It will connect students with resources so they can get the help they may need. The online screenings available are: Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Connecticut State REsources

DMHAS Prevention and Intervention Unit
CT Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative (CYSPI)

Please use the above link to access the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Prevention and Intervention Unit: CT Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative.



The material in this site is provided for personal use only and does not substitute counseling or help from a trained professional. University Counseling Services (UCS) does not endorse or recommend information on these self help pages with respect to any company or product. It is specifically designed for informational and educational use to aid in awareness and resources on certain topics. UCS makes no claims about use of this information as a treatment or replacement for professional mental health counseling. Site users are urged contact their mental health professional or contact the counseling department at 392-5475 if they wish to connect with a professional about any of these or other issues that may be distressing them.