Drug & Alcohol Resource Center Topics to Dine For


Topics to Dine For is a series that will be held at various times throughout the semester beginning Spring 2011.  The series is aimed at not only addressing various drug and alcohol trends, but also shedding light upon addictive behaviors that a majority of the population struggle with (eating, spending, stressing).

Topics to Dine For intends to educate students and faculty alike on a wide range of topics and offers them the opportunity to get free lunch, to learn about up-and-coming topics from the experts, and to converse with fellow colleagues about topics and trends.

The series will be held in Room 201 in the Adanti Student Center.


Read about our past Topics to Dine for presenters...

"Naturopathic Medicine: Find your (natural) way"

Join us in ASC Room 201 for a free lunch and tote bag while listening to local naturopathic doctor Dr. Bert Schwarz from Revive Wellness Center in New Haven discuss natural ways of dealing with stress, healthy coping strategies, and herbal ways to improve your mental and physical health!

Dr. Schwarz  has been in private practice for 12 years and specializes in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutrition and dietary counseling, classical Homeopathic medicine, botanicals and nutraceuticals. Dr. Schwarz's practice emphasizes preventative medicine, focusing on the root of the problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. 

"Loving an Addict"

Join Dr. Tammy Nelson, LPC and PhD, on a talk about being in a relationship with an addict.  Dr. Nelson is a licensed psychotherapist and author with over 20 years experience working with individuals and couples.  Her experiences include(but are not limited to) marriage counseling, sex therapy, imago therapy, couples counseling, and individual therapy.  Dr. Nelson is also the Director of the Center for Healing in Connecticut, a holistic psychotherapy center providing psychotherapy, massage, hypnosis, as well as groups, workshops and classes that support a balanced, holistic lifestyle.

Many people are in relationships with addicts and it is important to be aware of the ways in which to avoid enabling your partner and ensure a helping environment. 

Check out Dr.Nelson's website here: http://www.drtammynelson.com


"Weigh-in on your Eating Habits--without the scale"

Although it may be news to some of you that food can be an addiction, it is important to recognize that, similar to drugs and alcohol, food can become a means to deal with emotions and stress.  Body Image Specialist Gina MacDonald, M.A LPC, will be joining us for a talk on healthy eating habits, eating disorders, and body image. 

Gina MacDonald from Branford, Connecticut treats eating disorders, is a dance movement therapist, and has been a renowned speaker at Southern Connecticut State University for years. 

"Topics to Dine For: A Poker Face"

Join DARC in another Topics to Dine For! Joe Turbessi, former problem gambler and author of the personal memoir "Into the Muck" will be joining us to recall his experience with gambling addiction and to promote awareness of the gambling epidemic on Southern's campus. For more information on Joe Turbessi, check out his website: www.intothemuck.com!

"Sex, Booze, and the Tolls"

The topic of sex in relation to alcohol is not a novel one.  However, the culture of "hooking up" that has resulted from the partying college lifestyle has become somewhat of a topic of discussion in recent times.  Jennifer Paradis, Public Relations Representative from Planned Parenthood, will be joining us to speak from her viewpoint about the recent trends and changes in relationships.

Students and faculty are welcome.  We ask that you call our office at 392-5074 at least one week in advance to register! Walk-ins are welcome as well.