Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I signed up online, but didn't get my pedometer yet. Where can I get it?

A: Stop by the Fitness Center (2nd Floor Adanti Student Center) to hand in your completed Assumption of Risk form and we will give you your pedometer (if you are one of the first 100 registrants).  Or you can stop by Human Resources and turn in your form and get a pedometer from Fran Poole.

Q: Do I have to walk with a group or can I just walk on my own?

A: You can do both! Make sure to wear your pedometer to track steps taken anywhere, from the moment you wake through the time you climb back in bed.  Take walks around campus with friends or by yourself.

If you do other activities, like weight lifting or riding a bike, make sure to track those STEP EQUIVALENTS: CLICK HERE to convert non-walking activity to steps.

 Q: I want to participate in other fitness events like the sneaker screening and deskercise…when and where are they?

A: CLICK HERE for all dates, times, locations as well as prizes you might win for attendance.

Q: What’s a 40K challenge?

A: We’ll ask you to re-set your pedometer on a Monday morning, and try to reach 40,000 steps in 4 days. Each time you reach a step milestone you will stop by the Fitness Center (2nd Floor Adanti Student Center) to show us your pedometer for drawing entries to win a Jawbone Up activity tracker ($149 value!) (7,000 steps= 1 entry; 18,000 steps = 2 entries; 25,000 steps= 3 entries; 40,000 steps= 4 entries). If you come to the FC each time you reach a milestone, that’s 10 chances to win!

Q: I have knee problems or health problems, can I still participate?

A: We recommend you check in with your healthcare provider to find out if starting a walking program is appropriate for you. Most of the walks will NOT be supervised and will be on your own, so make a decision that is best for you.

Q: If I have difficulty reaching the encouraged 10,000 steps per day, can I still continue to participate?

A: Yes! This program is designed to allow you to set your OWN personal goals. 

Q: If I am not one of the first 125 people to register, do I have to provide my own pedometer?

A: Yes, in order to track your steps you will need to purchase a pedometer or use another form of step counter (some smart phones can also be used as step trackers through an app).

Q: Is there a dress code for the kick off walk?

A:  No, although we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing and bringing a water bottle.

Q: What if the weather is not suitable for the kick off walk?

A:  The rain location for the kick off walk will be in the Moore Field House.

Q: What if I want to continue tracking my progress after the 6 weeks are over?

A:  There are many apps, and websites that allow you to track your steps.  We recommend or or even