Current Health Information

As you are probably aware from news reports, Princeton University in New Jersey has had several cases of meningitis since Spring 2013.  The strain of meningitis causing this current outbreak is not covered in the vaccine that students living on campus have received. There is currently no evidence that the disease has been seen at SCSU or any other university in Connecticut, but it remains important for students to maintain their usual hygiene practices to prevent infection in general. 

Meningitis, although spread through close contact,  is not considered to be as infectious as the flu.  It is spread via saliva and large respiratory droplets, so avoid sharing drinking cups, smoking materials, utensils, and avoid kissing someone who is sick. Cough into your sleeve, cover your mouth, and continue frequent hand-washing.

Symptoms include fast onset of high fever, headache, vomiting, light sensitivity and neck stiffness that prevents your chin from touching your chest. Anyone who has these symptoms should be seen at Health Services or be evaluated at the nearest hospital emergency room after hours. Please also notify SCSU Health Services so any outbreak can be contained.More information about bacterial meningitis can be found at The Centers for Disease Control