About us

Students on campus, spring


The Student Health and Wellness Center plays an essential role in the health and well-being of students by providing cost-effective quality health care, health teaching and encouraging and promoting responsible health habits.  The health care professionals assist other departments and support university programs in creating a well environment for living, learning and working.


Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to: respect,consideration, dignity, privacy,confidentiality, an explanation of your care, to now availability of services, to know fees for services, to know the names and positions of people working with you, review your medical records, to request to change health care providers, and to accept or decline care or treatment.

You have the responsibility to the following: be honest about your medical history, report any changes in your health, understand the health care and services offered, follow agreed on health care and medical instructions, respect other students and health services staff, make, keep and/or cancel your appointment, and provide us with feedback for improving services.