Sexual Health/GYT

Sexual responsibility is making smart choices regarding your sexual health and whether or not you are ready to become sexually active.  If you do make the choice to be sexually active you need to be prepared for what comes along with the experience. You need to be physically, emotionally, and mentally ready to make the choice to be sexually active. You need to remember to always practice safe sex and always use a condom each and every time. You should remain monogamous (1 partner), and you should have a long talk with your partner about sexual responsibility and condom use to be sure that you are both ready to take the step to becoming sexually active.

In addition  to making, you need to be informed on the many types of Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) that you can obtain if you practice unsafe sex as well as running the risk of unplanned pregnancy. Be sure you know your partner and that you think with your brain and not your heart. Your heart may be telling you one thing, and your brain may be telling you another. Remember if you have doubt it is always best to wait and talk about your concerns with your partner. Communication is very important and it helps build trust in the relationship.

Common Sexually transmitted infections

how to protect yourself from acquiring a STi

STi statistics

* Statistics from Core Concepts of Health, 10th edition, brief *


Ways to make love without doing it! 

Tell the other person that you love them - Give or get a hug -Make the other person feel important and respected -Kiss - Have fun together - Tell the other person that you care -Hold hands -Go for a long bike ride -Give a special gift -Be there when is a friend is needed - Spend time together - Go to a movie -Walk arm in arm in the woods - Make a special tape of love songs - Talk openly about your feeling - Share dreams with each other - Snuggle up together - Sit together in the park -Take a walk together -Go out to eat -Have a picnic -Play a game of frisbee -Give complements - Relax in a whirlpool - Go swimming - Just be close - Go grocery shopping - Cook a meal together - Touch each other in a loving way - Do homework together - Plan and go on a road trip together - Throw a party together - Bake cookies - Go to the library -Browse in a museum - Just be there - Find out what special for the other person and do it - Exercise together - Gaze at each other - Wash each others cars -Go fishing - Talk to each other -Listen to hurts - Do a work project together - Choose a special favorite song - Listen to joys - Hold one another close - Use eye contact to share a private thought - Write each other letters - Talk on the telephone - Trust one another -Give or receive a promise ring - Meet each other's family - Go hiking together - Make sacrifices for each other - Send candy - Respect each other - Go for a moonlight walk -Hide a love note where the other will find it - Give each other sexy looks - Write a poem - Send flowers - Eat dinner by candlelight - Go to a concert - Watch the sunrise together - Take a drive together - Give each other pet names -Go sightseeing - Rent a video - Do things for each other without being asked - Propose marriage - Whisper something nice into the other's ear - Be best friends - Take a carriage ride through the park - Go out dancing - Play music together - Flirt with each other - Laugh at something funny together - Be faithful - Impress each other - Make a list of things you like about each other - Read a book and discuss it - Meet each other's friends - Go horseback riding - Cook each other's favorite meal - Find out what make the other happy - Make each other gifts - Be caring - Watch the sunset - Give diamonds - Dedicate a song on the radio - Send a funny card - Share lifetime goals with each other - Play "footsies" - Share private jokes - Think about each other - Find out what makes the other sad - Go skating - Trade class rings - Share an ice cream cone - Have your picture taken together.

Protect Yourself!

Education, Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment.  Be sure to make responsible, careful decisions about being sexually active.  Ask yourself if you are ready, and if you have doubt... WAIT!

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