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cell phone donation

  cell phone donations to help
   victims of domestic violence

In the time it will take you to text this message to everyone you know, a victim of domestic violence will be assaulted by a partner. If this saddens or angers you, you'll be glad to know that there is something that you can do - donate your used cell phone - it will not cost you a thing! Experts estimate that there are more than 30 million inactive phones in the U.S. Your unused cell phone could literally save the life of the estimated 5,000 victims who are beaten and abused every day.

The SCSU Women's Center is participating in the Umbrella Domestic Violence Cell Phone Donation Program by collecting cell phones that are no longer being used. The phones are given to victims of domestic violence who are in need of immediate access to a 911 connection, or the phones are recycled by a company that pays the Umbrella Program up to $20 per phone.

Be sure to deactivate your phone service and erase all personal information prior to to making your donation.

Please bring any used cell phones to the Women's Center in Schwartz Hall or to the Michael J. Adanti Student Center Information Lobby collection box.

Please help protect victims of domestic violence and donate your used phone today!

For more information, contact the SCSU Women's Center at (203) 392-6946 or check out