Men Against Violence

male and female student in a class10 Things Men Can Do To End Men's Violence Against Women

1. Approach gender violence as a man's issue, involving men of all socioeconomic and biracial backgrounds. View men not only as perpetrators or political offenders, but also as empowered bystanders who can confront abusive peers.

2. If a brother, a friend, a classmate, or a teammate is abusing his female partner--or is abusive to females in general--don't look the other way. Urge him to seek help, or if you don't know what to do, consult a friend, a parent, a teacher, or a counselor. Don't remain silent.


3. Have the courage to look inward. Understand how your own attitudes and actions may perpetuate sexism and violence, and work to change them.

4. If you suspect that a woman close to you is being abused or has been sexually assaulted, gently ask them if you can help.

5. If you are emotionally, psychologically, or physically abusive to women, or have been in the past, seek professional help now.

6. Be an ally to women who are working to end all forms of gender violence.

7. Recognize and speak out against homophobia and gay bashing. Discrimination and violence against lesbians and gays are wrong in and of themselves. This abuse also has direct links to sexism; for instance, men who speak out against sexism are often subject to homophobic abuse, which is one reason so few men do so.


8. Attend programs, take courses, and read articles and books about masculinity, gender inequality, and the root causes of gender violence. Educate yourself and others about how larger social forces affect the conflicts between men and women.

9. Don't fund sexism. Refuse to purchase any magazine, rent any video, or buy any music that portrays women in a sexually degrading or violent manner. Protest sexism in the media.

10. Mentor and teach young boys about how to be men in ways that don't involve degrading or abusing girls and women. Lead by example.

Source: MVP Strategies Inc.


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Men Can Stop Rape mobilizes male youth to prevent men's violence against women. We build young men's capacity to challenge harmful aspects of traditional masculinity, to value alternative visions of male strength, and to embrace their vital role as allies with women and girls in fostering healthy relationships and gender equity.

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Men Stopping Violence works locally and nationally to dismantle belief systems, social structures, and institutional practices that oppress women and children and dehumanize men themselves. We look to the violence against women's movement to keep the reality of the problem and the vision of the solution before us. We believe that all forms of oppression are interconnected. Social justice work in the areas of race, class, gender, age, and sexual orientation are all critical to ending violence against women.


NOMASNational Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)

NOMAS advocates a perspective that is pro-feminist, gay affirmative, anti-racist, dedicated to enhancing men's lives, and committed to justice on a broad range of social issues including class, age, religion, and physical abilities. NOMAS affirms that working to make this nation's ideals of equality substantive is the finest expression of what it means to be men.


For more information please contact the Women's Center at (203) 392-6946.