At Southern Connecticut State University

What does it say about men when a vast majority of sexual assaults are committed by men?

What does it say about men when the actions of the small number of men who do commit sexual assault speak often speak for all men?

The Men's Initiative at SCSU is a movement that recognizes the powerful role and considerable influence men have in reducing sexual assault and violence, on campus and in their larger communities, when they are allowed and encouraged to speak up, to act out, and to engage with other men.  The Initiative provides men the opportunity to explore the cultural and societal expectations that have influenced how men are taught to think and act and that have, at times, attempted to dictate the roles men should play.  Our goal is to reframe the cultural perception of what a "real" man is and educate ourselves and others about the consequences of reinforcing stereotypical violent masculinity. The programming sponsored by the Men's Initiative is designed to empower men by providing the tools necessary for establishing good health, positive identity development, and healthy relationships.

Please take the time to view this website and some of the resources listed, or stop by our office in the SCSU Women's Center!  We offer programs, presentations and a positive presence on campus!

The time is now for men to take the Initiative and stand strong against gender violence and to create a healthier and more positive future for themselves and others.  Join us.