Permanent Commission on the Status of Women

About the PCSW: The Permanent Commission on the Status of Women was formed in 1973 under Sec. 46a of the Connecticut General Statutes to study and improve Connecticut women's economic security, health and safety; to promote consideration of qualified women to leadership positions; and to work toward the elimination of gender discrimination. As a non-partisan arm of the General Assembly the agency monitors, critiques and recommends changes to legislation to inform public policy, and assesses programs and practices in State agencies for their effect on the state's women. The PCSW serves as a liaison between government and its diverse constituents, and convenes stakeholders, including the business, non-profit and educational communities, local governments, and the media, in order to promote awareness of women's issues.

The Connecticut Government Appointments Project (ConnGAP) is an exciting new project from PCSW. The goal of the project is to increase the number of highly qualified women appointed to high level, paid positions in the state.

Why ConnGAP?

ConnGAP asks all Connecticut gubernatorial candidates to pledge to name women to 50 percent of executive-level paid appointments as a way of creating a government that more accurately reflects the population, of which women are 51 percent in Connecticut. Currently, women in the state hold about 37 percent of high-level gubernatorial paid appointments. ConnGAP will provide the Executive Branch with a pool of qualified women from which the new governor can chose when making appointments to about 75 paid positions identified by PCSW, which will then track whether or not the governor has kept that pledge. Women will be recommended for any positions for which they are qualified, regardless of their stands on particular issues and/or party affiliation. To view a detailed list of appointments click here.

One of the most important aspects of ConnGAP is creating a large coalition of organization, corporations, small businesses etc. who are willing to help get the word out about the program. If you are interested in signing onto the coalition please fill out this form and email it to the ConnGAP Project Director or fax it to (860) 240-8314.