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audrey kerr teachingWhy Choose Women's Studies?

The Women's Studies Program is committed to integrating scholarly inquiry, critical problem-solving methods, professional training, cooperative leadership skills, and practical strategies for intervention in real life situations affecting the well-being of women locally and globally. Faculty and students share a commitment to positive change and a humane concern for all the others with whom we share the planet.

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Women's Studies owes its existence to the women's liberation movement. Women's Studies, in all of its diversity, has as its goal a world free of bias, whether that bias is based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, social class, physical appearance or ability, age, religion, or species. We seek to create a world free of all the ideologies, institutions, and hierarchies that work consciously or unconsciously to oppress or exploit some for the advantage of others. The development of the field of Women's Studies in recent decades reflects the struggle to create knowledge, analyses, theories, and strategies to achieve this goal.

As an academic discipline, what makes Women's Studies unique is its refusal to accept artificial divisions, whether they are between the classroom and the rest of the world, between political action and spiritual aspiration, or between the human creature and the other creatures of the natural world.

Women's Studies equips students to enter society as whole and productive human beings, and by doing so enables them to transform society itself.

For more information on the Women's Studies Program or for application materials for the Master of Arts Degree in Women's Studies, please contact the Women's Studies Program at (203) 392-6133 or by email: womenstudies@southernct.edu