Sexual Assault

winter campus sceneSexual Assault is...
Any non-consensual sexual activity or unwanted behavior that one or more person(s) forces or manipulates upon another.

Common Reactions to Sexual Assault 
Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Tips 
Acquaintance Rape
Substance Abuse and Sexual Assault

Sexual assault includes rape, incest, and other unwanted sexual contact. Sexual assault is a crime.

What To Do if You are the Survivor of a Rape

What To Do if a Friend is the Suvivor of a Rape



How To Help

Many times survivors do not disclose their sexual assault to anyone. If a survivor confides in you, here is what you can do to help:

Some Statistics

"22% of all sexual assault victims are between the usual college ages of 18-24 years of age" (National Center for Victims of Crime, 1992).

"One out of every six college women are sexually assaulted while in college"
(Martin, 1992).

"From 80 to 95% of the sexual assaults that occur on college campuses are committed by someone known to the victim"
(Abbey, Ross, McDuffie, & McAuslan, 1996).

"75% of male [college] students and 55% of female [college] students involved in an acquaintance rape had been drinking [alcohol] or using drugs"
(Koss, 1998).

"73% of college women in one study whose experience met the legal definition of sexual assault did not acknowledge the event as sexual assault"
(Laymen et al. 1996).

"57% of rapes occur on a date"
(Koss, Woodruff, Koss Study, 1990).

"One-half of college sexual assaults occur in the victim's residence and an additional one-third take place in off-campus student housing"
(1995, U.S. Dept. of Justice).

*Information provided by the Greater New Haven Sexual Assault Crisis Services



for more information please contact the Women's center at (203)392-6946