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MYTH #1:Lesbian and gay adults recruit children to homosexuality.
Research shows that sexual orientation is determined either before birth or very early in life and that no one can after another person's sexual orientation,


Examples of Homophobia


MYTH #2:Lesbian and gay adults are a danger to children.
FACT: Sexual abuse of children occurs primarily within the family. Most sexual abuse of children outside the family is committed by pedophiles (people who engage sexually with children). Adult lesbians and gays are no more likely to be pedophile than heterosexuals.


MYTH # 3:Lesbian and gay teachers have a negative impact on children.
FACT: In most parts of the United States, lesbian and gay teachers are not able to reveal their sexual orientation because doing so can jeopardize their jobs. Therefore, there have been few studies on lesbian and gay teachers. The aforementioned statistics, however, invalidate the myth that they could influence their student's sexual orientation or endanger them; and, there is no evidence that their effectiveness in the classroom differs from that of heterosexual teachers.


MYTH: #4:Lesbians and gays are causing the breakdown of the family.
FACT: Fewer than half of all American households are traditional nuclear families. Despite numerous legal and social obstacles, many lesbians and gays fight to retain ties with their families and for the right to raise their own children or to adopt them.

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