Did you know that- 


* Over one million vehicles are stolen each year and that a vehicle is stolen every 23 seconds?


* Vehicles are stolen for four basic reasons: joyriding; transportation; to commit other crimes; for commercial gain primarily through chop shops?


 * According to VINshield, New Haven-Meriden ranks fourth in auto theft in Connecticut behind Waterbury , Hartford and Bridgeport

with 346.77 vehicles per 100,000 residents?


 * According to State Farm, the vehicles most often taken are Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Nissan Maxima? Per VINshield, Toyota

Camry, Honda Accord and Chevy Full-size Pickup top the list. 



Any vehicle can be taken either by a professional working solo or by amateurs working in pairs or groups. You can decrease the likelihood of that happening by exercising the following safeguards: 

Some available safeguards include Lojack, vin-etching, fuel cutoffs, ignition column guards, hood and door locks, steering wheel locks, guard plates for trunks, key-operated wheel locks, pedal jacks, the Club, and radio security devices.


Additional information can be found at the National Insurance Crime Bureau website or or contact university police at 25375.

 - Reference and statistical information courtesy of VINshield and State Farm -