information for faculty and staff

Role of Faculty in Implementing Accommodations  

Faculty should request that a student bring an Accommodation Letter from the DRC to verify the student's needs and eligibility for accommodations.

Ideally, the accommodation process should involve collaboration between the student and instructor with support from the DRC. This may include making arrangements for test proctoring should the class fall outside of DRC office hours.

When a student has been approved for a note-taker, the professor's assistance will be needed to help identify a peer note-taker.  This is a student in the class, who is willing to provide a copy of his/her notes.

Faculty are encouraged to contact the DRC if there are any concerns about a student's accommodations.

Taking exams at the DRC

If the DRC is to host a student's exam, the student must provide a DRC exam envelope to their professor.  Upon completing the form located on the outside of the envelope, the professor should deliver it and the exam to the DRC before the student's scheduled time to take the exam. Completing the exam envelope is critical in assisting us in administering exams.

Upon the student's completion, the exam will be collected, signed, and sealed by the proctor.  Then, the professor has the discretion to choose how to receive the exam.  The student will either deliver the exam or it will be picked up by the professor or department secretary.

 Please have exams to the DRC office 48  hours before the time of the scheduled exam.

Due to logistical issues, the DRC will not administer exams if the student shows up more than 15 minutes past their start time.

If the student shows up late, but before the 15 minute deadline, he/she will be permitted to take their exam within the allotted time.  The professor will be notified of the late start and has the discretion to choose a course of action. 

If a student is found cheating, the exam is stopped immediately and the professor is notified.  The professor has the discretion on how to handle each case. The DRC will attach a note to the exam packet disclosing that the student was late and by how much time.

*Students needing to reschedule their exams need their professor's written permission.

Policy for E-Mailing Exams

While the DRC prefers exams to be delivered by instructors, as this provides an opportunity to clarify any issues, the DRC will accept e-mailed exams under the following conditions: 

 Exams should be e-mailed to: Exams should be e-mailed no later than 8:30am on the day of the scheduled exam. E-mailed exams should include the test proctoring form, which can downloaded by clicking the following link: test proctoring form. Please complete this form and attach it with your exam.

·     Due to the large amount of e-mails the DRC receives each day, please write "EXAM" in the subject heading of your e-mail, along with the student's name, so that staff can easily identify the e-mail as an exam.

·     The DRC suggests that you send the exam with a "read receipt" to ensure the delivery of the exam to the correct location.

Please note: In order to be available to proctor exams for instructors, DRC staff cannot return exams physically or via e-mail. Instructors can choose to pick up exams in person, send a department secretary to pick up the exam, or have the student return the exam to the department via a sealed envelope.

As with all electronic communication, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, but the following safeguards will be taken:

E-mailed exams will only be opened and printed by DRC staff

E-mailed exams will be deleted once the exam has been printed

Printed exams will be placed in an envelope and put into a safe drawer where all exams are kept

When the exam is complete, the exam will be sealed in an envelope and stored safely.

If you have questions, please call the DRC at 203-392-6828 or stop by EN-C105.