Syllabus Disability Statement

We encourage you to begin the semester with a general announcement or statement included in your course syllabus, inviting students to express their need for course accommodations, auxiliary aids, or services.  A disability statement opens the lines of communication, making students feel more comfortable when approaching faculty to disclose their need for course accommodations or other disability-related needs. A syllabus statement also helps to ensure that all students are aware of the existence of the Disability Resource Center.
The University has designated the Disability Resource Center (DRC) as the place where documentation regarding a student's disability is on file and where appropriate accommodations are determined.  Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis because the functional limitations of each individual and the specific demands of each course may vary. In some cases, the staff of the DRC may consult with a faculty member to determine the essential standards of a course or program of study in order to then determine what constitutes an appropriate accommodation.


Example of a Course Syllabus Statement to be Used or Adapted:

A statement on the syllabus and an announcement in class normalizes the accommodation process by treating it as another routine part of the course.  This statement should be modified to meet the specific needs of your department and/or courses.

"Southern Connecticut State University provides reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities on an individualized and flexible basis.  If you are a student with a documented disability, the University's Disability Resource Center (DRC) determines appropriate accommodations through consultation with the student.  Before you may receive accommodations in this class, you will need to make an appointment with the DRC, located in EN C-105. To speak with me about other concerns, such as medical emergencies or arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment as soon as possible.  My office location and hours are..."