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Publications Using SCSU's ACHA-NCHA Data

A manuscript entitled Comparison of Health Status and Health Behaviors Between Female Graduate and Undergraduate College Studentswas published in the Fall 2010 volume of The Health Educator, a peer-reviewed publication of Eta Sigma Gamma, National Health Education Honorary. This manuscript utilizes data collected from female students at Southern Connecticut State University during the Spring 2008 ACHA-NCHA survey.

This manuscript examines the health status,  health behaviors and preventive health practices of female SCSU students. The manuscript concludes that there are no significant differences between graduate and undergraduate females with respect to health status and health behaviors. The authors recommend that campus programming should be expanded to include and target female graduate students with health promotion messages.  

For a .pdf copy of the Comparison of Health Status and Health Behaviors Between Female Graduate and Undergraduate College Students article published in The Health Educator in 2010, please CLICK HERE.

Variables examining Health Status include:

  • self-described health status
  • self-description of weight as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese
  • self-reported height and weight (used to calculate BMI)
  • student diagnosis with depression
  • self-report of having felt so depressed at least once in the past year that it was difficult to function

Variables examining Health Behaviors include:

  • average number of servings of fruits and vegetables consumed daily
  • recommended physical activity
  • condom use at last intercourse
  • cigarette use in last 30 days
  • alcohol use in last 30 days
  • frequent alcohol use in last 30 days
  • drinking and driving in last 30 days
  • driving after 5+ drinks in last 30 days

Variables examining Preventive Health Practices include:

  • dental exam and cleaning in past year
  • breast self-exam in past month
  • routine gynecological exam in past year

APA (v.6) citation:

Bulmer, S.M., Irfan, S., Barton, B., Vancour, M., & Breny, J. (2010). Comparison of health status and health behaviors between female graduate and undergraduate college students. The Health Educator, (42)2, 67-76.