Requirements for a B.A. in Anthropology

School:          Arts and Sciences

Department:   Anthropology            

 Program:      Anthropology B.A.                                        Total Credits in Major: 36 Credits


Students who major in anthropology may choose between a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree. In the Bachelor of Science degree program students may select a general concentration or concentrate in one of four distinct subfields: archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, or linguistic anthropology. Students also may choose to enroll in a Bachelor ofArts degree in anthropology, which is more general in nature. In order to graduate with a degree in anthropology, students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for all courses required in the major. 

The Bachelor of Arts option is designed to reflect the full breadth and depth of anthropology within a theoretical rather than a career-oriented context. The broader focus of the Bachelor of Arts will be particularly helpful to students who prefer not to be channeled into a concentration in their undergraduate years.


The LEP is a sequence of courses in three tiers. Tier 1 emphasizes college-level Competencies that form the foundation of a liberal education. Tier 2 explores nine Areas of Knowledge needed by educated people in the twenty-first century. The Tier 3 capstone seminar emphasizes Discussions of Values in the context of LEP Areas of Knowledge and some related real world issue.

The LEP requirements for this major are:

Tier 1: xx credits
Tier 2: xx credits
Tier 3: xx credits


Core Courses (12 credits):
ANT 101 — Cultural Anthropology
ANT 102 — Biological Anthropology
ANT 204 — Language and Culture
ANT 205 — Prehistoric Archaeology 

Methods Course (3 credits):
ANT 402 — Apes and Human Evolution
ANT 465 — Anthropological Linguistics
ANT 470 — Ethnographic Fieldwork Methods
ANT 475 — Methods in Archaeology

Additional Requirements (6 credits):
ANT 480 — Theory in Anthropology
ANT 490 — Seminar in Anthropology

Electives (15 credits):
15 credits in ANT