campus disturbances

Most campus demonstrations -- which include such activities as marches, picketing and rallies -- are peaceful and non-obstructive. They are a means by which people choose to invoke their First Amendment rights. As an academic institution, the university encourages the free expression of ideas, and in fact, thrives on intellectual discourse and debate. At the same time, the university is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of the campus community. As such, in those situations in which a demonstration becomes violent and/or disruptive, the university must act to keep the peace.  

Individual and Group Safety Guidelines

The following are some useful guidelines to minimize problems:

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 CSU Policy on Campus Freedom and Order

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SCSU students and student organizations shall have the right to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them, to express opinion publicly and privately and to support causes by orderly means. They may organize public demonstrations and protest gatherings and utilize the right to petition. Students do not have the right to deprive others of the opportunity to speak or to be heard, to damage the property of others, to invade the privacy of others, to disrupt the regular and essential operation of the university, or to interfere with the rights of others.

Policy Resolution on Campus Freedom and Order by the Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University

Be it Resolved: That the Board of Trustees:

Be it further Resolved: That the Board of Trustees for State Universities hereby declares that the following are forms of conduct contrary to the purposes and well being of the State Universities and are prohibited. Such conduct provides grounds for disciplinary proceedings leading to probation, suspension, or expulsion, and to resort to enforcement agencies when necessary.