2015-2016 Faculty Annual Activity Report (FAAR)

Dear Colleague,   

Re: What’s new in Digital Measures’ Activity Insight (DMAI)?

You are now invited to preview the new “Activity Insight user interface” scheduled to go live in December 2015.  This preview can be accessed at any time by selecting “Preview New User Interface” from the top right corner when logging in to Activity Insight. Remember, to sign in simply go to www.southernct.edu/faar and log in using your My SCSU username and password.  

This  preview is fully functional and can be opened alongside the existing user interface. Any records entered in the new user interface preview will be saved and can also be accessed in the existing user interface. Feel free to get familiar with the new user experience, knowing that you are able to switch back and forth between the two designs.  This would also be a great time to begin entering your 2015-2016 FAAR data into Digital Measures’ Activity Insight (DMAI). The due date for this year’s FAAR is June 30, 2016: no extensions granted.  To make it easier to complete your FAAR, however, we have removed the required ‘check-off’ box.

This new interface also has a more modern look and feel, and a couple of new tabs and additions.  For example, the left-hand menu bar now contains two new options listed under Manage Activities: “Rapid Reports” & “PasteBoard.” These options have always been available, but now they are upfront and visible. In addition, the fonts are larger, the text horizontally positioned in 2 columns on the screen, and all buttons are placed in the top right-hand corner of the page. There is also a new and improved search box that contains special search tips. This new search box enables users to search all of their records in Activity Insight as well as all of the header and screen names and key drop-down fields in Activity Insight.

We would also like to announce that we have a new Faculty Annual Activity Report. This new report can be found under “Run Reports/Run Custom Reports” and is titled “FAAR Summary.” This new report is formatted to be shorter in length and to provide a personal view of your research, teaching, and creative activities.  It also provides additional information that may better meet your needs when preparing internal and external reports for accreditation, program review, P & T, your CV, etc. Let us know what you think of the new FAAR.

Please feel free to contact Maureen Gilbride-Redman, MPA, MS at 27054 or gilbriderem1@southernct.edu should you have any questions, etc.


 Richard L. Riccardi, Sc.D.
Associate Vice-President for Institutional Effectiveness