SCSU Consortium Students


Students at any of the Connecticut State Universities can easily study abroad through SCSU.  With the CSU reciprocal agreement, students have access to all of the programs at Southern including ISEP, which offers programs in over 50 countries around the world.  Below is a link to ISEP where you can search for programs that fit with your academic plan.

1 If you are interested in studying abroad through ISEP or SCSU, please contact one of our study abroad coodinators at 203-392-6975 or by email: Dr. Erin Heidkamp, or Dr. Sobiera Latorre,,

To study abroad through Southern, CSU students need to complete the SCSU Study Abroad Extension Form with the cooperation of The Office of International Education and the study abroad office at your school. 

Students thinking about financial aid should first submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the academic year they plan on study abroad. The 2013-14 priority dates for filing the FAFSA are 3/15/2013.  The FAFSA will provide your financial aid representative with information that will indicate the feasiblity of using student loans to cover the cost of studying abroad.

Parking on campus:

Visiting students must adhere to the campus policies regardning visitor parking.  Students should provide their license plate number and identifying vehicle information to Michael Schindel (  in the Office of International Education who will then contact the campus police department on your behalf and obtain a temporary parking pass as well as instructions on where to park.