Meet The Faculty

Department Chair

Michael Rogers, Ph.D., Professor, Archaeology
(203) 392-5677

Department Secretary

Mariefi O'Malley
(203) 392-7003o


Valerie A. AndrushkoPh. D., Associate Professor, Biological Anthropology  

Daniel M. Bass, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
(203) 392-7002

Joseph C. Manzella, Ph. D., Professor, Cultural Anthropology 
(203) 392-5803

Kenneth McGill, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Linguistic Anthropology
(203) 392-8919 

Kathleen SkoczenPh.D., Professor, Cultural Anthropology
(203) 392-5679


Rosalyn Amenta, Ph.D.
Frank Crohn, M.A.
Rosemary Diaz, M.A.
Margaret Guelakis, Ph.D., R.N.
Brian Harmon, Ph.D.
Lorraine Hawkins, Ph. D.
Andriana Foiles Sifuentes, M.A.
Nancy Swanson, Ph.D.
Kenneth ZercieM.S.      

Retired as of Spring 2011

Marie Selvaggio , Ph.D., Professor, Archaeology
If you need to contact Dr. Selvaggio, please contact the Department Office at (203) 392-7003.


Simon D. Messing, Ph.D.