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Photo of Dr. Linda Sampson


Dr. Linda Sampson

Phone: (203) 392-5377

Dr. Linda Sampson (Chairperson, Associate Professor) holds a B.A. in Communication from Virginia Tech and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from Ohio University. Her recently completed doctoral dissertation focused on the role of organizational identification in the assimilation of volunteers. Her primary areas of specialization are Organizational Communication, Relational Communication, and Research Methods. Dr. Sampson is particularly interested in the study of communication in volunteer-based organizations.  Her major consulting projects include Pittsburgh Public Schools, The Ohio Supreme Court, and Ohio University's Alden Library. She has presented conference papers on such topics as testwiseness, money conflict in marriage, and organizational commitment of dual-career employees. Before joining SCSU in 2001, Dr. Sampson was employed by Marshall University, Ohio University, and Kingwood College. She also worked for eight years in banking, financial planning, and retail securities. 

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Mr. Michael Bay

Phone: (203) 392-5390

Mr. Michael Bay (Associate Professor) holds a BA in Communications and an MS in Journalism from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. He currently teaches Studio Production, Cinematic Technique and Video Scriptwriting for the Department of Communication at SCSU. When not teaching classes, he also co-manages the Media Production Facility.  Before joining Southern, Mr. Bay worked in the production department at WVIT, Channel 30 in West Hartford, CT and at ESPN in Bristol, CT before returning to Quinnipiac where he taught Media Production for the past seven years. He also works as a freelance photographer/editor for a variety of organizations, including Connecticut Public Television, Yale New Haven Hospital and the United Way. Mr. Bay's current interests include multi-camera studio technologies, audio recording/sound design, field production, and editing.   


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Dr. Bonnie Farley-Lucas

Phone: (203) 392-5358

Dr. Bonnie Farley-Lucas (Professor) teaches a variety of courses in Relational and Organizational Communication. She has a B.A. in Communication from SCSU Honors College, an M.S. in Organizational Behavior - Organization Development from the University of Hartford, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication with emphasis on Interpersonal Communication and Interpretive Methods from Ohio University. Dr. Farley-Lucas has taught for Ohio University, Post University, and the University of Hartford. She has over 15 years of experience as an organizational development consultant and trainer. Her client list includes: HJ Delaney Advertising, Sara Lee and PYA/Monarch, General Motors, United Illuminating, Pratt & Whitney, Perkin-Elmer, Ohio Osteopathic Association, Fairfield Heritage Society, ABB, and various units of SCSU. She has published research on management communication, children and conflict, communication education, organizational consulting, gender in the workplace, and work-family processes. She has presented over 30 papers at regional, national, and international conferences. Dr. Farley-Lucas's most recent project entailed program evaluation for the Sexuality Education and Information Commission of the United States.

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Mr. Rich Glinka

Phone: (203) 392-5382

Mr. Rich Glinka (Assistant Professor) received a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and an M.S. degree in instructional technology from Southern Connecticut State University. Before coming to Southern, he spent seven years as a producer/director for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, producing over 35 instructional and promotional video programs for a variety of university departments and organizations. He has also been a freelance director and videographer for a variety of corporate productions. Mr. Glinka's current research is in the utilization of emerging technologies and computer graphics. He divides his time at Southern between teaching courses in video field production, studio production, and motion graphics and co-managing the Department's media production facility. He is a member of the Broadcast Education Association and the Connecticut Final Cut Pro Users Group.

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Dr. Annette Madlock Gatison

Phone: (203) 392-5522

Dr. Annette Madlock Gatison (Associate Professor) holds an A.A. in Administration from Milwaukee Area Technical College, a B.A. in Organizational Management and an M.A. in Communication, both from Bethel University, and a Ph.D. in Human Communication from Howard University. While attending Howard she also served as an Assistant Coach for both the Policy Debate and Speech teams.  Her primary areas of specialization are Intercultural Communication and Rhetoric. Before teaching at the college level and coming to Southern Dr. Madlock Gatison spent 20 years working in the corporate sector. As director of the all university required courses in public speaking and professional presentations Dr. Madlock will not only teach these courses, but also provide direction to the part-time faculty who teach the basic courses to maintain consistency and excellence in curriculum and student outcomes. 









Dr. Jane McGinn

Phone: (203) 392-5086

Dr. Jane McGinn is a Professor of Communication and Women’s Studies and a member of the Honors College faculty. She holds a PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh with concentrations in School Librarianship, Young Adult literature and Public Administration; a Master of Library Science (MLS) from University of North Carolina--Greensboro, and a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising from Howard University, Washington, DC with minors in English Literature and Allied Sciences.  Dr. McGinn teaches courses in the areas of interpersonal communication and women and girl studies. As a teacher and researcher, she is particularly interested in online communication, especially among teen girls. She has lectured in Bulgaria and the U.S. on global access to information and communication technologies for women in developing countries and its impact on economic development. 

Photo of Dr. David Petroski


Dr. David John Petroski

Phone: (203) 392-5383

Dr. David John Petroski (Associate Professor) holds a B.A. in communication and English, an M.C.I.S (Master's in Communication and Information Studies), and a Ph.D. in communication, information and library studies from Rutgers University. Prior to joining the SCSU faculty, he taught and coordinated the multimedia track in communication for Rider University. He has also taught multimedia development for the M.C.I.S. and M.L.S. graduate programs and interpersonal communication for the undergraduate communication program at the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies at Rutgers University. Dr. Petroski has over 15 years of consulting experience in advertising production and design. His clients have included AT&T, Sony, Advanstar Publishing, and TOPS Appliance City. He has also been consulting in Web design for over four years. Dr. Petroski has presented over 55 conference papers and workshops and was two time Chair of the Semiotics and Communication Division of the National Communication Association. His current interests include technology instruction, instructional games and simulations (gamification), and learning spaces, as well as gender communication (men's issues). 

Photo of Dr. Meg Sargent








Dr. Meg Sargent

Phone: (203) 392-5391

Dr. Meg Sargent (Associate Professor) Works within both the Organizational and Interpersonal & Relational specializations, teaching courses such as Communication Theory, Training & Development, Culture and Communication, Persuasion, Small Group Communication and Interpersonal Communication. Meg's scholarly work includes doctor-patient communication, organizational change, and initiating the close in troublesome conversations. Her current line of study is in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, with research in such areas as Faculty Misbehavior; Out-of-Class Communication; and Student-Faculty Relations. Her work has been presented at several instructional and scholarly conferences, both nationally and internationally. In 2009, Meg was awarded SCSU's J.P. Phillip Teaching Award, honoring her as Southern Connecticut's most outstanding teacher.

Dr. Savelli Profile

 Dr. Melanie Savelli

Phone: (203) 392-5377

Dr. Melanie Savelli (Assistant Professor) has a B.S. in Communication from Eastern Connecticut State University, an M.S. in Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communication from Central Connecticut State University, and a Ph.D. in Communication with a concentration in Mass Communication and specialization in Health Communication from the University of Connecticut. She also has Graduate Certificates in both Public Relations and Health Psychology. Dr. Savelli's current research focuses on health attitudes and behaviors as well as media effects for the purpose of improving communication campaigns. She has previously acted in the capacity of social media and public relations consultant for a financial education nonprofit and currently volunteers with the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department conducting research and making recommendations from its analysis to increase communication effectiveness, recruitment, and retention efforts.

Photo of Mr. Derek Taylor








Mr. Derek Taylor

Phone: (203) 392-5339

Mr. Derek Taylor (Associate Professor) has a B.A. in Communication from Florida Atlantic University and an M.F.A. in Film, Video and New Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Prior to joining the faculty at SCSU, he taught media production courses and directed the Communication internship program at Florida Atlantic University. His primary areas of specialization are documentary, experimental and alternative media practices with particular interests in the hybridization of these forms. Mr. Taylor is an independent video/film artist with a number of screenings at film festivals around the U.S. and internationally. He previously worked in commercial and broadcast media production as a producer, editor and photographer.