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 From the firing of neurons in the human brain to the complex web of personalities and behaviors within a multinational corporation, psychology is a part of our every move, decision, and thought.

The professional trained in psychology can have an enormous effect on individuals, families, companies, and schools. At Southern, psychology students learn to observe without prejudice, analyze with clarity, and construct a plan of action that solves problems. Along with exploring the insights of past and present practitioners, psychology students also gain the hands-on skills of the research scientist, designing experiments, interpreting complex data, and communicating results.

Careers for psychology graduates are varied and exciting. With a bachelor's or advanced degree, graduates find jobs in clinics, hospitals, schools, social service agencies, and in research facilities at universities, government agencies, or in private industry.

Psychology graduates are often strong candidates for careers in other fields that require an understanding of human behavior, like management, personnel, public relations, training, market research, product development, law, and journalism. Others continue their studies at the graduate level. Southern's programs offer excellent preparation for success in master's and doctoral programs in psychology and related fields.

The Psychology Department offers three major courses of study at the undergraduate level. These lead to a degree in psychology, psychology with a specialization in mental health, or psychology with a specialization in research. Students with the appropriate prerequisites may take offerings from any psychology specialization, including field practicum and data gathering courses. The degree offers preparation for graduate training in all areas of psychology, meeting the basic entrance requirements of M.A., Ph.D., and Psy.D. programs.

Department of Psychology

Dr. Lawrence Brancazio, Chairperson
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