Certificate in Accounting Program

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Southern offers a Certificate in Accounting program for individuals interested in pursuing a career in accounting who currently hold a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college in a discipline other than accounting. This program has been developed in response to the tremendous demand for CPAs in the state of Connecticut. Students in the Certificate of Accounting program will be included in the regularly scheduled undergraduate accounting classes which are currently offered both day and evening.

Students in the program take eight required courses in undergraduate accounting for a total of 27 credit hours.  Graduates from the program will be eligible to sit for the CPA examination in Connecticut providing they have also earned 22 credit hours in general business courses.   To be licensed  as a CPA, a cumulative total of: (1) 150 hours of education, (2) 36 hours in accounting, and (3) 30 hours in business education are required. A track in the MBA has been developed allowing students to earn the MBA with a concentration in Accounting while meeting these additional requirements. 

Admission to the Certificate of Accounting Program requires the following:

To apply to the Accounting Certification Program, visit Graduate Admissions Online Graduate Application.

Admission to the MBA, after completing the Certificate of Accounting, requires that students meet one of the following:

For questions on Tuition and Fees for the Certificate in Accounting, please visit:
www.SouthernCT.edu/studentaccounts/2016_tuition_fees.html. Note that tuition will be assessed at the “Graduate Level”

For more information, please call the Accounting Department at (203) 392-5691 or email the graduate coordinator at  AccountingGrad@southernct.edu.