Apply for Advanced Certification in CT

During the semester of enrollment in the program capstone internship or practicum, the certification officer will provide each candidate a certification application packet for the state of Connecticut. It is the candidate's responsibility to complete the application forms and return them to the Certification Office (David 103D).

Advanced SCSU State Approved Programs:

Remedial Reading & Lang. Arts  (PK-12)      G             Speech & Lang. Pathologist   (PK-12)            G
School Counseling (PK-12)                           G              Reading & Lang. Arts   Consultant (PK-12)    G
School Library Media (PK-12)                       G              Intermediate Administration   (PK-12)             G
School Psychologist (PK-12)                         G             Superintendent of Schools (PK-12)                 G

Advanced Program Completers

Upon notification from the candidate’s department that all program requirements have been completed and notification by the Registrar that the appropriate grades and degree (if required) have been posted, and upon verification that qualifying scores for all appropriate certification tests have been submitted and recorded, the candidate’s application will be endorsed and returned to the candidate to be forwarded to the Connecticut State Department of Education for processing. 

The Candidate is responsible for obtaining official copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities attended and the appropriate application fee in the appropriate form according to the directions of the Connecticut State Department of Education. All transcripts, fee, and the application should then be forwarded to the Connecticut State Department of Education as a single packet.

Students who wish to be certified/licensed/credentialed in states other than Connecticut must first meet Connecticut requirements for certification. It is the candidate’s responsibility to obtain applications in other states. Addresses for certification/licensure/credentialing offices in other states may be found on the Apply for Certification in Other States page or through the Certification Office. Once completed, the verification portion of the application may be processed through the Certification Office (Davis 103D).