Josephine Sche, Ph.D.

Josephine Yu Sche, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Chairperson
Phone: 203.392.5781

B.A., National Taiwan University; M.L.S.,State University of New York at Albany; Advanced M.L.S., Ph.D.,Florida State University



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"The Impact of Electronic Publishing on Selection of Library Materials: Publication
Formats." An experimental research studying the cost/effectiveness and information
quality of publications available in print, CD-ROM, online database services, and Internet
sources, supported by the 1996 Curriculum Activity Grant of SCSU, and implemented in
the courses of LSC 617, LSC 618 and LSC 662: Management of Electronic Resources
and Services.

"Applying Online Database Retrieval Systems for Library Collection Development." An
experimental research using DIALOG and CD-ROM databases for library collection
development, supported by the 1994 Curriculum Activity Grant of SCSU, and implemented
in the following courses: LSC 617: Sci-Tech Information Sources, LSC 618: Business
Information Sources.

"The Process of Making a Bibliographic Database System: Redesigning Cataloging
Courses to Reflect Professional and Technological Changes in Library Technical
Services." Research supported by the 1991 Summer Related Curriculum Activity Grant of
SCSU, and implemented in the revised cataloging course, LSC 506: Information Analysis
and Organization, and LSC 613: Advanced Cataloging and Classification.


Library Education Systems and Professional Qualifications in the United States of
America, United Kingdom, and Federal Republic of Germany. Vol. 1: Historical
Development from 1880s to 1980s, Vol. 2: Current Scene and Future Trends in the
1990s. In preparation for publication.

"Designing and Creating a Digital Union Catalog for Ancient Chinese Books in Selected
Academic and Research Libraries in the US and China." Prototype research for ancient
Chinese book holdings collected at Harvard-Yenching Library, Yale Sterling Library,
National Central Library Taipei, National Library of China and Beijing University Library.
The research will be conducted in 1997-1998 and may be expanded to include more
libraries in the future.


Education Systems for Librarianship in the Federal Republic of Germany, the United
Kingdom, and the United States of America--A Comparative Study


Florida State University