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Bachelor of Science In nursing

The curriculum in the undergraduate nursing program is designed as an upper-division major. The program requires a strong liberal arts and science base as a prerequisite to nursing courses. Students complete theory courses in the major as well as hospital and community-based clinical practice. Full-time and limited part-time study options are available.


Class of 2015 BSN


Students interested in the Nursing Program complete a two-step admission process.

GPA, Pre-requisite GPA and the TEAS test,  will be used as a way of evaluating students for acceptance into the nursing program.   The number of Pre-requisite repeats is also taken into consideration.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must be admitted to the university, prior to applying to the Nursing Department. Admission to the university must be completed by Dec. 1, if the applicant intends to meet the department's Feb. 1 deadline to be considered for the fall semester. Transfer students must meet the same credentials as outlined above.

Students are ineligible to apply for admission to the SCSU Nursing Program if:

-They have been dismissed for academic or clinical reasons in another nursing program.

-They have failed to meet benchmark scores on assessment testing in another nursing program.

 Please note that applicants may not apply to our  BSN program and the ACE program the same year.

Prerequisite Courses

The following are the prerequisite course titles for the upper-division BSN program. A grade of "C+"or better must be received in all prerequisite courses to be admitted to the nursing program.

 Prerequisite to Nursing Courses

Course Title Credits
ENG112 Composition II 3
MAT107 Elementary Statistics 3
MAT108 Math for Natural Sciences 3
BIO110 Human Biology I 4
BIO111 Human Biology II 4
BIO120 Basic Microbiology 4
CHE120 General Chemistry I 4
CHE125 Principles/Application of General, Organic and Biochemistry 4
PSY100 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY219 Lifespan Psychology 3
PHY103 Elements of Physics for Life Sciences 3

In addition to the above Nursing Prerequisite courses the student must complete the Liberal Education Program (LEP) requirements to graduate.

Nursing Courses

All junior-level courses must be completed before senior-level courses can be taken.

Course Title Credits
NUR 340 Theoretical Foundations of Professional Nursing 3
NUR 341 Health Assessment 3
NUR 430 The Childbearing Family-Clinical 3
NUR 431 The Child Rearing Family- Clinical 3
NUR 350 Therapeutic Nutrition 2
NUR 342 Evidence Based Nursing Interventions 3
NUR 343 Integrated Pathophysiology/Pharmacology I 3
NUR 351 Nursing Research 2
NUR 353 Integrated Pathophysiology/Pharmacology II 3
NUR 433 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice Across the Life Span 3
NUR 344 Gerontological Nursing-Clinical 2
NUR 444 Leadership, Management and Health Care Issues in Nursing 3
NUR 354 Mental Health Nursing-Clinical 3
NUR 442 Community Health Nursing-Clinical 3
NUR 352 Adult Health Nursing-Clinical 4
NUR 432 Adult Response to Complex Stressors-Clinical 4
NUR 443 Nursing Capstone-Clinical 4
  Nursing Electives* 2

* Nursing Elective Courses would include 2 of the following courses: Each of the below is 1 credit.

Students currently enrolled, or who plan on taking courses at a CT Community College, may use this Course Equivalency document as a guideline when planning on transferring to Southern.  


For further information contact the Nursing Department at 203 392-8954