Master of Social Work - Guidelines for Writing Personal Essay

For Fall 2019 Admission

As part of the admissions process, you are required to submit an essay, no longer than four (4) typewritten pages, covering the material outlined below. Please double-space, and use Times Roman font, no larger than size 11. This essay will serve as a writing sample for the Admissions Committee. It is your opportunity to present a well-constructed description of what both motivates you and makes you ready for graduate education.

  1. 1. Please describe how you understand the role of advocacy in the field of social work. In a time of great political divide, how do you understand the role of social work?
  2. 2. Describe how you will ready yourself to take on the rigorous expectations of graduate school, including the two field placements that come with social work education. How will you prioritize all that has to be done, manage deadlines, keep up with the reading, handle stress, and find support?


Note: I understand that the Southern Connecticut State University Department of Social Work reserves the right to refuse admission and matriculation to an applicant who falsifies information on this application, or who, in the judgment of the School of Graduate Studies and/or the Department of Social Work, is not qualified to enter the program. Similarly, the Department reserves the right to require withdrawal of any student at any time for any reason deemed sufficient under the rules and policies of the University and the Department, as promulgated in the Graduate Studies Catalogue, the Social Work Department MSW Student Handbook, or the Social Work Department MSW Field Manual.