Fresh Start

The Fresh Start Program offers an option for formerly matriculated students to return to Southern to continue pursuing a degree.  The purpose of the Fresh Start Program is to retain and offer support to students who experience a poor start and dropped from matriculated status or withdrew from the university. This program allows former students to be readmitted to the university and disregard their previous record in calculating their Grade Point Average (GPA).

The option is available only once, only to students who are not Education majors, and only to students who have completed the following conditions.

Formerly Matriculated Students

  1. Had a GPA at SCSU below 2.0
  2. Have enrolled elsewhere or had non-matriculated status at SCSU for at least one year
  3. Have not yet earned 60 credits at SCSU
  4. Can demonstrate evidence of changed work habits since dropping from matriculated status at SCSU by either
    • completing 9-12 college credits with at least a 2.75 GPA or
    • earning a degree from a regionally-accredited college or university
  5. A non-matriculated SCSU student is only eligible for matriculation after having earned a college degree from a CT community college or other regionally-accredited institution.

Students who are admitted to the Fresh Start program will have to complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal, if interested for financial aid. According to federal regulations, the university is required to determine if the student maintained satisfactory academic progress (SAP) the last semester s/he attended SCSU. For more information on SAP, please Financial Aid.